The Bull Group partners with OpenDataSoft to support local governments’ open data projects

SIRUS (Bull Group), software vendor of business applications in the public sector, has choosen OpenDataSoft for supporting its customers in their open data initiatives.

“In partnership with OpenDataSoft©, we can propose turnkey & evolutive open data services hosted on the Cloud by Bull© :

  • Operation of open data portal & hosting of datasets;
  • Automatic extraction of data from various datasets formats (csv, shape, xml, gtfs, kml, osm …);
  • Data transformation & indexing;
  • Personalized portal for an intuitive web experience through data”.

Eric Spriet, CEO of Sirus, and Jean-Marc Lazard, Founder of OpenDataSoft, joined on June 5th & 6th in Béziers for presenting their solutions at the 23rd French IT Fair for local governements.

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