Startup42, the new startup accelerator in Paris

OpenDataSoft FrenchTech Ecosystem

StartUp42 is a 4-month startup accelerator aimed at helping early-stage technology startups go from a good idea to a minimum viable product and the validation of initial market hypothesis. It’s a non-for-profit project backed by EPITA and a network of established corporations.The program is absolutely free and doesn’t take equity! It doesn’t invest in startups but offer expertise, infrastructure and network.

startup42OpenDataSoft, as a big data platform provider, is involved into & supports Startup42 by mentoring projects leaders & providing some technical facilities.

Other “Club partners” are Econocom, France Télévisions and Technical partners are Alcatel Lucent, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft BizSpark, Facebook & Leeaarn.

Take a tour in the panel of selected startups.

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