OpenDataSoft’s Platform: Customer Testimonials

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our 2-year anniversary with our customers.

We introduced them our newest features and asked them what they thought about OpenDataSoft’s platform.

Here are their answers:

Veolia OpenDataSoft
« As the world leader in the environmental services sector, Veolia collects billions of data with different formats and with different goals. Moreover, public institutions also get numerous data about water resources protection. All of these measurements only have meaning if they can easily be searched (search engine), handled (calculation), displayed (graphs) and combined (analyses). Considering all of that, the OpenDataSoft platform looked like the relevant solution to easily aggregate and publish our data in a user-friendly intuitive way (interactive data visualizations, automatic API generation). To sum up, we wanted to transform these data into synthetic information through dashboards that could be used both internally and by members of our ecosystem (customers, partners). »

Cyrille Lemoine, Endetec Scientific Advisor, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

SNCF Open Data
« We have found in OpenDataSoft an evolving turnkey platform to broadcast the data that SNCF has opened and to bring them out through visualizations and APIs. Beyond our Open Data approach, this platform also internally helps us access and publish specific data within the entire SNCF Group. »

Romain Lalanne, Head of Open Data, SNCF

RATP Open Data
« After our first RATP data reuse experimentation, we were looking for a solution to industrialize data opening. With a platform designed to get data from our IT system, OpenDataSoft automates data publishing to Open Data reusers and to some of our partners, in the standard formats they need such as GTFS, API JSON and GeoJSON… »

Dominique de Ternay, Marketing Manager, Sales, RATP
RATP is the public transport operator for the city of Paris.

Ile-de-France Open Data OpenDataSoft
« After cleaning the data, setting up the Paris Region Open Data portal only took three weeks. Choosing OpenDataSoft, a turnkey Saas platform for structured data publishing, is what made it possible. OpenDataSoft evolves at a fast pace and we will benefit from its latest features as they are integrated: supported file formats, APIs, data visualizations… »

Christophe Libert, Head of Digital Innovation, Paris Region

m2ocity OpenDataSoft
« OpenDataSoft offers an ideal solution to transform data into customer-oriented services or to innovate the business model. It is exactly what we were looking for to develop m2ocity’s Data Lab with an evolving platform to support our innovation projects from experimentation to launch. We inject heterogeneous data into it from diverse connected devices associated by m2ocity (e.g. water/natural gas/electricity meters, water/sanitization/heat network instrumentation, environmental sensors: temperature/pollution/noise…). It provides great flexibility to manage service levels, to enrich data, aggregate it and publish it into API or interactive visualizations, maps or charts, internally or to partners. »

Pierre-Yves Senghor, Marketing Manager, m2ocity

OuestFrance uses OpenDataSoft Data API
« OpenDataSoft is an absolute data displaying tool via a reliable API. It is both user-friendly and high-performance. We applaud OpenDataSoft’s great service quality regarding the investment. »

Jean-Pierre Besnard, Product Manager, Ouest-France Group
Ouest-France is the worldwide top French-speaking newspaper.

Paris Open Data
« When we launched our Open Data initiative with a few data back in 2011, we did not fully realize the benefit of using a dynamic data management and publishing solution right away. With the increase in sources and datasets, and the growth of internally involved parties and reuser requirements, it has now become a necessity and OpenDataSoft has helped us define and launch the second version of our project. Our partnership allows us to consider a new development of our approach: the automation of data publishing into interactive visualizations and API for improved reuse through Web and mobile applications. OpenDataSoft’s strengths are their abilities to listen to and understand requirements, and to quickly react in defining and launching perfectly appropriate solutions. Beyond Open Data, OpenDataSoft goes with our Open Innovation approach which is a key component of the City of Paris’ transformation into an interoperable and open-to-the-outside-world « platform city » that boosts the creation of new urban services for its inhabitants. »

Jean-Philippe Clément, ICT & Innovation Program Manager, City of Paris


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