Open Data Weekly: A week-end in Brussels Open Data!

Weekly Open Data: a week-end in Brussels Open Data!

After the success of our previous investigations “Are TGV trains always late?” and “Gender equality in Europe”, our team decided to have a break for a week-end in Brussels. Our tech team put Bruce in charge of organizing this journey.

Far from pouring over dusty touristic guides, Bruce decided to use Brussels Open Data portal – powered by OpenDataSoft – to explore and prepare the trip. We have decided that his inventiveness for using the Cartograph feature deserved to be honoured in our Weekly Open Data infographic. Get ready folks and let’s all follow Bruce!

Weekly Open Data: a week-end in Brussels Open Data!

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Planning your next trip through Brussels Open Data portal?

What if Open Data was the future of connected tourism and leisure? Open Data portals steadily grow as favored interfaces for Internet users, mainly because of detailed data, specific apps and interactive simulations. By sharing datasets on its portal, the city of Brussels allows people to create interactive maps of their ideal week-end. For example, the cartograph feature is a powerful yet intuitive tool to do so. For our very own map, we crossed Brussels’ datasets on food trucks, markets, theaters, hostels and the comic book route. We were then able to draft a perfect week-end plan in just a matter of minutes.

Each map marker displays a different step of our eventful week-end. They are generated through different layers regrouped by theme. Our journey suddenly becomes even more lively and trackable.


Enriched and embeddable datasets

Datasets can be enriched with images. For example, the famous Manneken-Pis has been dressed with many costumes these past years. Pictures have been gathered in a dedicated dataset. Embedding image galleries within a few click on any website is one of the OpenDataSoft platform key features.

And thanks to APIs associated with datasets, it would even be easy to develop an app around. Maybe we will do it during the next Brussels Open Data Hackathon.

This was a brief example of some key features offered by OpenDataSoft SaaS solution: Cartograph, filters, embedded galleries… The OpenDataSoft platform makes it super-easy to publish datasets as data visualizations and APIs within a few clicks.

With OpenDataSoft, it has never been so easy to let your data talk.


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