Weekly Open Data: the state of Open Data in 2014

The State of Open Data in 2014 by OpenDataSoft

After joining the Open Data Institute’s start-up programme earlier this year, OpenDataSoft will be at the ODI Summit all day. On the agenda: Open Data, how to set up portals within a few clicks, the latest advanced features, open APIs and, of course, our best Frenglish.

This is the perfect alibi to paint a brief picture of the state of Open Data in 2014.

Once you read it, come and see Marie-Cécile and Franck at the ODI Summit (British Film Institute, Belvedere Road, South Bank, London). You can also follow this exciting day on Twitter by following @opendatasoft and the #ODISummit hashtag.

State of Open Data in 2014 by OpenDataSoft

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