Open Data Weekly: Top 10 New York Christmas Scenes

Open Data Weekly: Top 10 New Yrok Christmas Scenes

The Holiday Season is here and the OpenDataSoft team has put together a list of its New-York Christmas favorite scenes. From a black-and-white movie to Barney Stinson’s very personal carols, each team member shared their Christmas classics. Who knows, you might need it to help you get through the never-ending family dinners.

And because OpenDataSoft’s strong suit is helping you make the most of your data, each scene has been selected with love, picked and mapped by hand. We tracked each scene iconic location and gathered their coordinates in a nicely-wrapped dataset. We uploaded it onto our Cartograph tool and wham! It is now possible to discover where your favorite bits were shot. It is fair to say that OpenDataSoft has almost invented the “organic data” label. You heard it here first 😉

No more chit-chat and let’s get to the point: be ready for a very personal, 90s-oriented list. Check the map, then the videos below and enjoy!


Our interactive Top 10 New York Christmas Scenes


#01: Friends

How could our Top 10 New York Christmas Scenes not start with Friends? And what’s best than Phoebe’s Christmas song? Let’s all sing together! « Went to the store, sat on Santa’s lap… »


#02: Home Alone 2

Macaulay Culkin is « da man » (well « da child » really). He’s the only child who truly understood how to use paint buckets and a life-size Michael Jordan cardboard.


#03: Will and Grace

The good life could be summed up by booking a fancy hotel room, chilling in bathrobes and singing Christmas carols to the hotel staff.


#04: Elf

Because Will Ferrel. Because Roy Burgundy. Because mustache. Because « You did it! Congratulations! World best cup of coffee! Great job everybody. »


#05: The Sopranos

Bad words, wiretapping, assassination: that’s what you’d call some serious New Jersey’s Christmas spirit.


#06: Miracle on 34th Street

What if Macy’s were not only famous for its Big Brown Bag but also a portly red-coated man? Sometimes, everyone should believe in miracle.


#07: Seinfeld

When a dad fails to get the doll he wanted for his son, what should he do? Make up a new holiday! So forget about Christmas this year and a happy Festivus to all of us!


#08: When Harry met Sally

Because you went to Katz’s Deli where Harry learned his lesson. And come on, Franck Sinatra’s voice is exactly what you need to keep winter chill at bay during those Christmas walks.


#09: How I met your mother

Would a Christmas in New York be complete without Uncle Barney singing his very own carols? Classy, heart-warming songs for you to chorus after dessert!


#10: Scrooged

Bill Murray as a corporate misanthrope will just be what you’ll need to forgive your great-great-aunt for asking Santa Claus to bring you a reindeer jumper.

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Happy Holidays everyone!



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