Population Growth Forecast Datasets: live from Australia

OpenDataSoft’s partner – Peclet Technology – has published earlier this week an interesting study based on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (NSW DPE) open datasets. These cover population growth forecast in New South Wales. Data are available to the year 2041 and contain summary population projection data for New South Wales, projection regions and LGAs.

The Department of Planning and Environment uses population and dwelling projections to get a better understanding of future services and infrastructure that the community will need.

The NSW DPE describes these datasets as follow:

These data give information on how population is expected to change over the next 20 years.

The 2014 NSW population, household and dwelling projections give detailed information on how our population is expected to change over the next 20 years, and the expected impact of these changes on households and demand for dwellings. […]

Projections can change due to factors such as migration levels, new technology and social attitudes to different living arrangements.

Population Growth Forecast Datasets

Contribution of natural increase and net migration on projection numbers.
Courtesy of The Department of Planning and Environment.

Population Growth Forecast Datasets for New South Wales

It appears that on an overall level, New South Wales population and dwellings will evolve hands in hands over the next 20 years.

Camden Council, South West of Sydney, expects to see its population double during the same time frame.

You can read the full study and links to datasets on Peclet Technology.


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