OpenDataSoft & Code for Greensboro: the Find-it app

Code For Greensboro Finda App

The Code for Greensboro Brigade is relatively new to the Code for America brigade network, but should soon officially become a brigade. In searching for an early ‘win’, Code for Greensboro re-created Code for Boston’s ‘Finda’ App, specially adapted for Greensboro.

The Finda app is client-side Javascript and required some detailed development to redeploy it for Greensboro. One issue with the current Finda app is that it does not have a responsive design and Greensboro wants a mobile-first app strategy.

Enter OpenDataSoft. On August 19th, Code for Greensboro received their free OpenDataSoft brigade open data portal. After the brigade briefly demoed the platform, they uploaded their GeoJSON file developed to populate the Greensboro Find-it app. In about ten minutes, the app was born in the Cartograph feature of the OpenDataSoft portal. Take a look at the Find-it App here, or use the interactive map below (click on the bracket in the top-right corner to display filters).

In no time, a new version of the Find-it App was created in the OpenDataSoft open source front end, using the pages function. This version is branded with Code for Greensboro, and includes a search function to allow the user to interact with the data in a different way.

Code For Greensboro Finda App

Greensboro Find-it App – 2nd version designed with OpenDataSoft

Both of these versions are extremely mobile-responsive. Code for Greensboro has now built 2 versions of the Find-it App, which they will choose between over the original client-side Javascript app they had been working on. Both of these were developed in a very short amount of time using the OpenDataSoft Brigade Portal, freeing them to begin working on other new projects.

About Code for America:
Code for America is a national non-profit looking to bring technology into the government space.
Code for America believes government can work for the people, by the people in the 21st century. We build open source technology and organize a network of people dedicated to making government services simple, effective, and easy to use.”


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