Code For Cary Creates Interactive Property Map In Minutes

Building an interactive property map in minutes with open data and OpenDataSoft

This fall, the Code for Cary brigade was inspired by a nifty property data visualization created by The Code for Anchorage brigade, as part of the nonprofit Code for America movement.

Earlier this year, Code for Anchorage co-captain Brendan Babb helped create the original visualization to generate an interactive property map of Anchorage color-coded by date of construction. The Alaska Association for Historic Preservation in Anchorage immediately put the map to good use.

Building An Interactive Property Map in Minutes

When Code for Cary learned about the map app, they were excited to follow suit. Using the Wake County property database and the OpenDataSoft brigade open data portal, Code for Cary created a visualization that sorted Wake County parcels by decade built (340k+ records).

Just click on the “<” sign in the upper-right corner of the map and browse through the different tabs.

Time in which it took to create the interactive, concise and colorful visualization? A whopping 30 minutes.

The new visualization is proving to be helpful for both the Town of Cary and the area’s historic preservation society. Cary Town Council member Lori Bush noted, “I love seeing the value of technology to solve problems and address solutions.”

Brent Miller, chair of the Historic Preservation Commission of the Town of Cary, agreed. “This is brilliant, enlightening and quite valuable. This is amazing for half an hour’s work!”

About Code for America:
Code for America is a national non-profit looking to bring technology into the government space.
Code for America believes government can work for the people, by the people in the 21st century. We build open source technology and organize a network of people dedicated to making government services simple, effective, and easy to use.”


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