Introducing a new generation of OpenDataSoft portals

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of a highly-anticipated feature by our customers: the ability to fully customize a portal using CSS and HTML. Thanks to the new “self-service” interface, you can now edit your portal’s header and footer, as well as the appearance of the datasets in your catalog. The same goes for anything else that can be edited using CSS. We’ve rewritten all of the portal interfaces from the ground up to make them easy to customize.

In addition, our customers can now change the look and feel of their portals’ user interface, without worrying about potential impacts on the back-end interface and on administrative tasks: the administrative interface is completely separate from the front-end interface.

In addition, thanks to a special “Theme API Key” and an open-source development kit, you can even let your partners (integrators, web agencies, etc.) work on your portal’s theme without giving them administrator access!

OpenDataSoft portals - The portal's new default look

The portal’s new default look

While rewriting the entire portal, we kept in mind everything we learned these past two years, and used our own widgets whenever we could. As a result, everything works faster! Pages are lighter, so loading them moves with more speed than ever before. For example, embedding a visualization on a web page requires nothing more than copying and pasting the widget onto a blank page, which then loads extremely quickly, even on mobile devices. To make the user experience even still more fluid, we also introduced certain smaller improvements. These include an infinite scroll on the portal’s dataset catalog, complimented by search filters that stay with you as you move down the page.

Unfortunately, to make the most efficient portal possible, we had to make one sacrifice: we no longer support Internet Explorer 8. Doing so made it possible for us to develop many of the functions that we could not have otherwise, and let us focus on the browsers used by the overwhelming majority (99.2%) of our audience. As a result, everything works quicker for everyone: for you when you browse our customers’ portals, as well as for us when we are developing new features. As the number of services supporting IE8 is shrinking, we can only recommend that IE8 users migrate to another browser.

If you are currently an OpenDataSoft customer, you will be able to experience these new features in the coming days. Your portal will maintain its current graphic identity, but this time you will be able to edit it by yourself. If you have any questions or remarks, please contact us!


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