A Free Open Data Portal for Wake Tech Analytics Students

OpenDataSoft is happy to announce it is offering the students in the Wake Technical Community College Analytics department a free Open Data portal to help them build hands-on data sharing and analytics skills.

A Unique Open Data Portal for a Unique Program

A Free Open Data Portal for Wake Tech Analytics Students

Wake Tech is the first and only college in the country to offer an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Analytics, and OpenDataSoft applauds the college’s role in helping already degreed students make a positive career transition, and in using specially-adapted business analytics content to retrain unemployed and underemployed workers.

The program is also a win-win for the community, helping Triangle companies gain a competitive edge by giving them access to a pool of well-trained specialists who can help them grow and manage their businesses.

The OpenDataSoft Open Data portal offered to Wake Tech Analytics students is the same one the company has made available at no cost to the civic tech volunteers in the Code for America Brigades. It features the full platform functionality of the commercial version and can be used to support an unlimited number of users, up to 20 datasets (100,000 records per dataset/max, 2 GB uncompressed raw data in total), and 10,000 API calls/day.

We at OpenDataSoft are really looking forward to seeing the wonderful projects these students will develop using Open Data and their new Open Data portal features!

OpenDataSoft Open Data Portals Features

An idea about open data portalOpen Data PortalOpenDataSoft Turnkey Data Management Platform Fosters Innovation

  • OpenDataSoft has an open source front end. Configure the site as you want with HTML and CSS including developing pages for storytelling and real-time performance measurement.
  • Performance Management Dashboards and other apps can be created on the base product – no add-on licenses are required.
  • OpenDataSoft can pull data on any user-defined schedule, keeping data on the portal constantly refreshed. There is no need to invest further in developing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to keep the datasets updated.
  • Data can be easily transformed in the OpenDataSoft platform eliminating the need to perform an ETL step (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) before loading data into the platform.
  • Data harvesting tools simplify the loading of datasets into the OpenDataSoft portal.

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