Metadata for Open Data Portals – The Next Chapter for the Open Data Movement

metadata for open data portals - métadonnées des portails Open Data

After hosting our webinar about the Open Data Inception project (the list of the World’s Open Data portals), we have been talking with many of you about how to improve ‘dataportal.json’. We wanted to give you a recap on our idea about metadata for Open Data portals.

Metadata for Open Data Portals – dataportal . json

In order to take the Open Data movement to the next step, we believe that handling metadata at the data portal level needs to be rethought. There are already some solutions, like ProjectOpenData or DCAT.


But neither are sufficiently simple nor commonly used. We think simplicity and clear design are key to wide-scale adoption. That’s why we suggest that any team in charge of a data portal adds the file dataportal.json to the portal root.

Here’s an example of what could be done:

Feel free to comment in the Gist’s comments section 😉

What’s next on our side?

  1. We had a lot of discussions with people in charge of Open Data portals: many of them have put a lot of work in implementing ProjectOpenData’s data.json norm. We’ll get involved in the project and we’ll try it out on the portals we host. We still have some doubts, but we’re going to give it a try!
  2. We’ll release an easy way to generate the dataportal.json.
  3. We are going to find the right way to make this project fully open.

What’s next on your side?

  1. You can let us know what you think about it!
  2. You can add a dataportal.json to the root of your Open Data portal (and, please, don’t hesitate to ping us!).
  3. You can crawl and/or harvest our customers portals thanks to the dataportal.json and tell us if any information is missing.

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Learn more about metadata!

Download our checklist to learn what metadata are the most important to bring the most visibility to your data!


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