A new Open Data player in Town: our new North American headquarters

OpenDataSoft is the new Open Data Player in town!

OpenDataSoft is expanding! After an action-packed summer, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our new North American Headquarters. That’s right! As of the beginning of September, OpenDataSoft co-founder and COO Franck Carassus has been operating out of the “wicked” cool city of Boston, Massachusetts. Brace yourselves, there’s a new Open Data player in town. This is the start of an exciting new chapter in our five-year history.

As our name implies, opening data is our game. We don’t think that data should just be put online: we think that anyone should be able to publish and reuse data, no matter his or her level of technical expertise. This means being able to search and easily create visualizations with intuitive tools, in addition to being able to plug data into applications to further consume them. Researchers, citizen activists, developers; everyone has a stake in using data to improve his or her community.

The United States represents for us a great opportunity to continue spreading our Open Data philosophy and platform. Under the administration of President Obama, the Open Government movement has made significant advances through executive orders and even new laws, such as the DATA Act. As the ecosystem continues to grow, we are looking forward to building local teams to help bring our platform to more cities, towns, and government administrations to help them take their Open Government initiatives to the next level.

A New Open Data Player in Town

OpenDataSoft is already well known as a leader in Europe for our design-centered platform and API-First approach. Among our over 70 clients include the French Ministries of Education and of Agriculture, the Portuguese Ministry of Health, the cities of Paris and Brussels, the Swiss National Railway Company, and several of the largest French multinational companies. In the United States, we have been working closely with cities and towns in the Research Triangle in North Carolina, along with the Code for America Brigades Network.

In the US, OpenDataSoft will continue our approach in working very closely with our customers. We are dedicated to our users’ success, as their wins will continue to advance the Open Data movement, carrying with it implications for Open Government, transparency, and collaborative ecosystems far and wide. As of now, Open Data Evangelist Jason Hare has been contributing to White House Open Data Roundtables, and will be taking part in the White House Open Data Transition Committee in anticipation of the new Presidential Administration. We seek to continue to advance the movement with the utmost attention on working together.

Says Jean-Marc Lazard, CEO and co-founder of OpenDataSoft about the move:
“We are very pleased about the potential presented by the American
marketplace. The United States has long been a worldwide leader in Open Data, and we feel that our philosophy will be a strong match with those of the Open Data trailblazers across the Atlantic. We are looking forward to switching the game up in the US Open Data marketplace, and are excited to see what the next few months and years will bring.”

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