Open Data Discussions: Discussing Open Data in Albuquerque with Mark Leech

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Welcome to OpenDataSoft’s new Open Data Podcast, “Open Data Discussions!” Each month, Open Data Evangelist Jason Hare will speak to a leader from a different Open Data program around the country to discuss what has made it successful to provide you with insights and strategies to implement in your city!

We had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Leech, Technical Services Manager for the City of Albuquerque’s Police Department, during our first podcast.

Mark discussed various subjects ranging from:

  • Developing a plan to address transparency most effectively;
  • Avoiding participating in the “beauty pageant” of performance management to build an effective model using Open Data;
  • Engaging a diverse audience of end users;
  • Ensuring a high data quality, why it’s important, and how it can be accomplished.

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Special Thanks:

Special Guest: Mark Leech, Albuquerque Police Department Technical Services Manager

Music: “So Low” by Art of Escapism is licensed under CC BY SA

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