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Open data in Europe

Open data means data that anyone can access, use and share. President Obama first coined the term in 2008 and, since then, open data has gained ground in Europe too. Over the last several years, EU decision-makers have taken considerable steps to help governments, businesses and individuals use open data and bring about social, economic and environmental benefits.

On 23 January, officials from the three main EU institutions gathered again to discuss a new directive that will facilitate the availability and reuse of public sector data in Europe. All in all, 2019 should be another milestone year for establishing open data and data sharing as the future for any transparent and accountable organization. Don’t stay behind and start making your data bright today!


The advantages of open data for your organization

  • Improve your teams’ performance across your organization by encouraging internal data sharing
  • Increase public service efficiency by shedding light on redundant processes or unnecessary expenses
  • Share your data and increase the legitimacy and transparency of your organization
  • Stimulate innovation within your regional or national ecosystem by granting access to reusable public data


How OpenDataSoft can help you open your data

We are a pioneering solution across Europe for visualizing and sharing data. We count a number of European administrative bodies among our clients. This has allowed us to gain solid experience in dealing with public sector organizations.

Scroll through the city of Bristol’s 155 datasets.

Open Data Bristol


Discover how the German city of Potsdam uses our easy geographical visualization tool.


Visit the Portuguese Ministry of Health open data portal to find out how the Ministry accounts for public spending.

Tried, tested, and approved
We provide the right solution to help you make sense of your data. The OpenDataSoft platform enables you to make the most of your data – our tool helps you visualize, analyze, and share your data more easily.

Technical support
Our technical and client relation teams guide you in your open data project – from the very early stages of brainstorming your ideas all the way through to the launch and maintenance of your open data portal. We also strive to make you fully autonomous and offer a complete day of training to help you manage your platform independently.

More than just a portal
What we offer at OpenDataSoft is much more than a simple open data portal. Choosing us also means benefitting from our unique services. You will gain access to 17 000 open datasets from our global network that your users can seamlessly merge with your data. You will also be able to join our User Club and exchange best practices with other open data players.


Get in touch now and let us help you make your data bright!

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