Code For All Free Open Data Portal

OpenDataSoft is making available a free open data portal to any Code for All partner that would like one. The Code for All partner open data portal has full platform functionality with unlimited number of users and is limited only in datasets (20 datasets max. / 100,000 records per dataset max. / 2 GB uncompressed raw data in total max.) and API calls (10,000/day).

Early adopters

Here are a few examples of the success of early Code for America brigade adopters using the OpenDataSoft open data portal:

Code for Cary

Code for Cary is using their OpenDataSoft open data portal to populate the first regional instance of Citygram. CSV files are first uploaded weekly into the portal from Public Records requests, next the transformation tools in the OpenDataSoft platform are used to pre- and post-process the data and finally the OpenDataSoft API is used to feed a server that blends the data from the Raleigh, Durham and Code for Cary open data portals. In addition the brigade has developed an informative crime incident dashboard.

Code for Greensboro

Code for Greensboro has developed a few new options for consideration in addition to their work towards reusing the existing Code for Boston Finda App. Within a short while of receiving their OpenDataSoft open data portal, an interactive, mobile-responsive ‘Finda app’ was made with the cartograph function and also with the open source widget library of OpenDataSoft and the pages function.

Features of the OpenDataSoft Open Data Portal

An idea about open data portalOpen Data PortalOpenDataSoft Turnkey Data Management Platform Fosters Innovation

  • OpenDataSoft has an open source front end. Configure the site as you want with HTML and CSS including developing pages for storytelling and real-time performance measurement.
  • Performance Management Dashboards and other apps can be created on the base product – no add-on licenses are required.
  • The OpenDataSoft platform is built to be responsive in screen resolution and in scale. The platform is built to scale very large amounts of data
  • OpenDataSoft can pull data on any user defined schedule to keep data on the portal fresh. There is no need to invest further in developing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to keep the datasets updated.
  • Data can be easily transformed in the OpenDataSoft platform eliminating the need to perform an ETL step (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) before loading data into the platform.
  • Data harvesting tools simplify the loading of datasets into the OpenDataSoft portal.
  • OpenDataSoft includes fine-tuned security and access rights to the dataset, data subset and field level at the user, group or open security level to make sure you always share the right data with the right people.

Many of these features helped Durham, NC to launch Open Durham in 4 months with 500 datasets loaded, 162 public facing datasets, and 20 performance dashboards. A remarkable feat given that the more mature open data program of Raleigh, NC has 130 datasets and no performance dashboards after 3 years in operation.

Want to know more?

Download our introduction to the OpenDataSoft platform

Download the document

In addition to the open data portal use case, there are many other capabilities of the OpenDataSoft platform that make it useful as an internal data marketplace, a data analytics platform and/or a data hub for Internet of Things (IoT)/Smart Cities programs. These may be of interest to your brigade or municipality as your programs develop over the next few years.

OpenDataSoft headquarters are both in Europe and US (OpenDataSoft LLC based in North Carolina) with dedicated support.


What can you do with the OpenDataSoft open data portal?

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