How to Plan a Safe, Covid-friendly Summer Vacation with Open Data

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July 10, 2020

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Vacation planning can be daunting, especially when most of the country is in lockdown. What are the safest, Covid-friendly ways to travel this summer? Here are some data-inspired ideas!

After the whirlwind of the first half of 2020, many of us are desperately needing a summer getaway to relax and spend some quality time outside our living room. Vacation planning can be daunting, especially when most of the country is in partial lockdown due to the pandemic. While the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) still cautioned that “staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others,” what are the safest, Covid-friendly ways to travel this summer? 


Did you know that you can use your local government’s open data portals to check out the available tourism information? Opendatasoft has an incredible collection of data sets in our Data Network. Here are some ideas.


Parks: Picnic? Swim? Or Take Your Furry Friend on a Walk?

The Covid-19 virus is much harder to transmit in well-ventilated, less crowded outdoors areas, like parks, hiking trails, and campsites. Our Data Network tells us that there are 137 parks you can check out if you are in Tulsa, AZ. Using the filters on the left side of the portal, we can locate the 54 parks that are perfect for a picnic with the family. 

Plan safe vacation covid parks tulsa

Eighteen Parks in Tulsa with Picnic Option and a Restroom


To narrow it down a bit more, we can locate the 18 parks with a restroom - a crucial element if you are planning on a bottomless mimosa Brunch! 



What about taking a dip in the 90 degree weather? With the “Swimming” filter, we can find 4 parks where you can take a swim in the pool. Don’t forget to stay six feet apart even when you’re underwater!

Plan safe vacation covid parks tulsaFour Parks in Tulsa with a Swimming Pool 


What if you want to take your furry friend on a walk? By using the “Dog Park” filter, we can locate the 2 parks in Tulsa that are perfect for a puppy play date. Before you go, don’t forget to check out the CDC’s guidance on Visiting Parks and Recreational Facilities.


Capture d’écran 2020-07-02 à 10.59.24Two Parks in Tulsa with a Dog Park


Quarantine weight gain? Let’s go biking!

If you feel like losing some lockdown pounds, why not grab your water bottle and head out for a summer bike ride?


Town of Cary, NC shared an official bike route map. You can choose from a whopping 232 bike routes!

Plan safe vacation covid bike map caryTown of Cary’s Official Bike Map 


Missing civilization? Try museums, galleries, or virtual exhibitions!

New Yorkers have fought well and hard during this prolonged lockdown, and finally culture venues are reopening. Here is a dataset of all the NYC Museums and Galleries for your reference. With 130 records, New York City no wonder lives up to its name as the cultural capital of America.

nyc new york city museums galleries complete list culture
NYC Museums and Galleries


If you want to check out some arts at the comfort of your homes, look no further! We have an amazing collection of 880 virtual exhibitions, concerts, and cultural documentaries that you can access from anywhere. From archeology to history, or try paintings or sculptures as filters to find your dose of culture at the click of a mouse.

france art culture museum virtual exhibition concerts free onlineVirtual Culture Experiences from France


For Foodies: Restaurants, Bars, Farmers Markets?! 

Homemade sourdoughs and caramelized shallot pasta are good, but foodies are probably eyeing opportunities to go out and try out restaurants again.


Calling all Bostonian foodies - Here is a handy dataset that shows all Active Food Establishments in Boston! Choose from 2756 records of your choice, or filter with the “Take Out” option and take your lunch to a nearby park and enjoy a waterfront picnic! 

restaurants bars boston MA active covid list takeout contact address

Restaurants with Takeout Option in Boston


If you are in Vancouver, check out this dataset with 91 records of food and farmers markets! Fresh berries, artisan cider, and a steaming, juicy pulled pork sandwich are calling your name!vancouver food markets community farmers markets list address contact information

Community Food and Farmers Markets in Vancouver


From My Living room to Someone Else’s? 

Maybe all you want is getting to pack up and having a little weekend getaway. Why not check out the Airbnbs close by and have yourself a vacation in someone else’s apartment? Here is a dataset that lists all the Airbnbs - you can easily filter by cities, room type, and even host response time! We took Los Angeles as an example in case you want a two-day romantic retreat somewhere up the PCH. Capture d’écran 2020-07-02 à 15.05.44 2

Airbnb Listings in Los Angeles


I hope this has given you some inspiration about a Covid-friendly getaway. Play around with the datasets on the Opendatasoft Data Network to plan your safe summer vacation today! 


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