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March 06, 2020

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Discover 10 fun data facts that will change your life forever.

Happy International Open Data Day! To make this day even more special, we decided to share some (very important) information with you, collected from our Data Network or from our very own ODS employees. Let's not forget that open data can be as fun as it can be serious... Let's dive in!

Data cards - Final - 1 - EN

It looks like sharks are not as dangerous as you might think...



Data cards - Final - 3 - EN

Do you know how many meteorites have hit the Earth? We definitely didn't!



Data cards - Final - 5 - EN

Airbnb has exciting adventures in stock for you...



Data cards - Final - 7 - EN

Paris is quite popular on the movie scene. And we can see why...  



Data cards - Final - 9 - EN

This information is probably changing your whole perspective on life.



Data cards - Final - 11 - EN

Fruits are a dangerous business. Be careful, people.



Data cards - Final - 13 - EN

What's you favorite kind of cheese? We bet it's French...



Data cards - Final - 15 - EN

Our team is very athletic, don't you think? The gold medal goes to Pia, who rides 38km (23.5 miles) back and forth everyday.  

Source: The ODS Team, the results may have been slightly inflated


Data cards - Final - 17 - EN

We like bringing joy into the office with beautiful singing. If only you could hear us...

Source: The ODS Team, closely followed by Bernard Menez’s Jolie Poupée


Data cards - Final - 19 - EN

Addiction to caffeine is a real thing... Please, don't follow our lead.

Source: The ODS Team, a quarter of which drunk by the marketing team in the weeks before our annual event Data on board.
See you soon for more datadventures!

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