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August 14, 2019

Why Local Governments Should Choose Opendatasoft for their Open Data Project




If you work for a local, federal or state agency, it is likely that you already share data internally or externally with your resi ...

Reading time: 8 min

August 14, 2019

If you work for a local, federal or state agency, it is likely that you already share data internall...

Reading time: 8 min

Blog - EN - Why choose Opendatasoft for your data sharing project - Thumbnail
June 27, 2019

A decade ago, only a handful of Fortune 500 companies issued sustainability reports. In 2016, as man...

Reading time: 8 min

Blog - How organizations capitalize on data sharing to further CSR goals - Thumbnail
June 08, 2019

June 8 marks the World Oceans Day. The United Nations observes this day to remind everyone of the ma...

Reading time: 5 min

Blog - EN - World Oceans Day- From Smart Cities to Smart Oceans Cities - Thumbnail
May 02, 2019

On International Women's Day, Vallourec made the symbolic decision to demonstrate the capabilities o...

Reading time: 4 min

Blog - EN - Opendatasoft launches Vallourec’s new open data portal in support of employment diversity policy - Thumbnail
March 12, 2019

[Paris – 12 March 2019] Euler Hermes, the global leader in trade credit insurance, releases its open...

Reading time: 5 min

Blog - EN - Euler Hermes launches its open data portal and calls for a stronger data culture in the corporate world - Thumbnail
March 11, 2019

A lot has been said and written about data in the last decade. There seems to be a consensus around ...

Reading time: 6 min

Blog - EN - 5 myths on sharing data that people believe - but shouldn’t - Thumbnail
February 04, 2019

Open Data in Europe

Reading time: 5 min

Blog - EN - Open your data and stay ahead of the curve - Thumbnail

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August 25, 2016

Metadata can be explained in a few ways:

Reading time: 8 min

Blog - EN - What Is Metadata and Why Is It as Important as the Data Itself? - Thumbnail
May 16, 2018

Although the shipping industry is often considered traditional for its slow embrace of new technologies, many ports are harnessing ...

Reading time: 7 min

Blog - EN - The rise of big data in ports and terminals- How the shipping industry is transforming port technology - Thumbnail

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