France is leading the way in Open Data

Meanwhile in France: How Open Data is used in the Hexagon

Speaking about France often evokes images of the Eiffel Tower, majestic castles, and exquisite desserts; it’s not often first associated as a pioneer in Open Data. However, the Hexagon, as the country is often referred to for its shape, is certainly a leader in how its cities, government administrations, and companies are publishing and reusing […]

on time fragility and why gov is no startup

On time, fragility and why gov is no startup

What is our government based on and how can we make it antifragile? What does antifragile mean anyway? In the following article, our Chief data Officer, Nicolas Terpolilli, shares his take with us.

The need for Education Open Data Governance in K-12 Public Education

Education Open Data Part 3: The Need for Data Governance

Data is what is reported to measure things. This is a pretty basic definition. Data is more than rows and columns. In a previous blog post I discussed the context of data and being as important as the data itself. Data is a collection of rows and columns of datum. While metadata puts that data […]

Open Data in Public Education is a Good place to start

Open Data and K-12 Education – Where’s the Connection?

K-12 Open Data Initiatives present unique opportunities and challenges for public education institutions. The opportunities to engage with constituents and stakeholders within the community are enticing. Bond referenda analysis, capital improvement spending analysis, and communication on student performance, regulations, and sentiment analyses represent just a few of the ways institutions can benefit from opening data […]

Connecting the Dots Between Open Government and Civic Engagement

Get involved. That’s been the rallying cry of community planners, government officials, and activists for decades. This plea for civic engagement stretches across towns and municipalities, crossing state boundaries and country borders. While the message encouraging community members to vote and voice their opinion doesn’t change in democratic societies, the technology and how civic leaders […]

Smart Water Management & Open Data

US EPA: Workers check on progress inside a tunnel on a Washington, D.C. water infrastructure project Reporter Bill Lucia posed a tough question in the April issue of Route Fifty: “How Does a Town of 312 People Afford a $3.6 Million Water System Upgrade?” For the small town of Hysham, Montana, the answer was fortunately […]

Open Data Licenses : Get Them Straight With This Beautiful Checklist

Open Data Licenses: Get Them Straight With This Beautiful Checklist

Making data open and available is not just about choosing a format or having an API. A poor choice in your license can prevent people from using them. In contrast, a traditional open license reassures potential users that their work on the data will be useful in the long run. So, what license should you […]

photos and map from queensland opendatasoft feature

Open Data and Australian history: exploring 10,000+ photos and maps of Queensland from 1791 to 2004

We came across a few very interesting data sets recently, and quite different to what is typically found on Open Data catalogues: thousands of photographs of Queenslanders across time and geography as well as 250+ historical maps of Australia dating from 1552 to 1950.

Overcoming 5 Barriers to Open Government Data

Why is there still so much controversy around opening government data? The open data movement was created to increase government transparency, and foster civic participation and economic growth. Proponents suggest sharing government data will be key to solving perplexing human challenges such as poverty or climate change. The movement is more than a decade old, […]

Libraries Open Data and Australian history: convicts transportation

State Library of Queensland’s Open Data sets are a gold mine. For the next post of our “Public libraries Open Data and Australian history” series, we spent some time analysing the British Convict transportation registers data set.