How do I know what data I can publish based on a data classification policy?

What Data Can I Publish? A Guide to Data Classification Policy

More Public Sector Agencies (PSAs) are currently publishing data. Though this is good, there are some questions about what data are allowed to be published as open data. What I am going to share with you is an example from North Carolina. Recently, one of our city customers asked me “What data can I publish?” […]

What will the New South Wales population look like in 2031?

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (NSW DPE) has recently released a few interesting Open Data sets related to population growth forecast in New South Wales. We thought it could be interesting to investigate how the NSW population may evolve in the next 20 years.

Open Data Discussions: Discussing Open Data in Greensboro with Jason Marshall

Welcome to the OpenDataSoft Leadership Podcast Series, “Open Data Discussions”. Each month, we feature a different Open Data program around the country to discuss what has made it successful. These examples will provide insights and strategies that you can implement in your own city. We had the pleasure of welcoming Jason Marshall, Greensboro Senior Application Developer […]

Open Data Examples can help demonstrate the need and use of Open Data

Open Data Examples in the Real World: Exciting Use Cases and their Impact

If an Open Data enthusiast attempts to inspire others for the topic, he or she will soon be confronted with one tough question: What is the impact? Some may be able to convince with long monologues about transparency and potential for innovation, but often all one needs are some inspiring Open Data examples from the […]


Smart City Tech & Open Data Can Help U.S. Mayors Uphold Paris Climate Accord

Part 3: Resilience & Adaptation Parts 1 and 2 of this series look at U.S. mayors’ commitment to upholding the Paris Agreement through mitigation efforts (primarily greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions) aimed at keeping the global temperature rise this century well below 2C°. In this installment, we consider the U.S. mayors’ efforts to manage the risks […]


Smart City Tech & Open Data Can Help U.S. Mayors Uphold Paris Climate Accord

Part 2: Cutting Emissions from Transportation & Water Treatment In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the commitment cities have made to continue to uphold the Paris climate accord in the wake of the Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw from the agreement. We also presented case studies to demonstrate some actions cities have […]

Smart City Tech & Open Data Can Help U.S. Mayors Uphold Paris Climate Accord

US mayors at the recent US Conference of Mayors in Washington DC Part 1: Cutting Emissions from Buildings  “We’re getting out.” With those words, President Donald Trump announced on June 1, 2017 that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate accord. The response from U.S. mayors was immediate: “the world cannot wait–and neither […]

France is leading the way in Open Data

Meanwhile in France: How Open Data is used in the Hexagon

Speaking about France often evokes images of the Eiffel Tower, majestic castles, and exquisite desserts; it’s not often first associated as a pioneer in Open Data. However, the Hexagon, as the country is often referred to for its shape, is certainly a leader in how its cities, government administrations, and companies are publishing and reusing […]

on time fragility and why gov is no startup

On time, fragility and why gov is no startup

What is our government based on and how can we make it antifragile? What does antifragile mean anyway? In the following article, our Chief data Officer, Nicolas Terpolilli, shares his take with us.

The need for Education Open Data Governance in K-12 Public Education

Education Open Data Part 3: The Need for Data Governance

Data is what is reported to measure things. This is a pretty basic definition. Data is more than rows and columns. In a previous blog post I discussed the context of data and being as important as the data itself. Data is a collection of rows and columns of datum. While metadata puts that data […]