Redefine partnering: Open Data as a Service

Partners worldwide are leveraging the Open Data as a Service platform to rapidly deliver new applications for Open Data and Smart City. “Open Data” has traditionally been associated with government transparency initiatives, or the publication of information related to how government operates. More and more governments however, together with the private companies that serve them, have discovered that there is […]

Why Looks Matter When It Comes to Your Data

Most analysts would agree that data collection serves a higher purpose – to illustrate a trend and to create an action. Data in a silo are just numbers on a page. While collating and sharing the data is a good start, making it accessible is even better. And this is why looks matter when it […]

An Essential Introduction to Open Government

Across the world, citizens are standing up to demand greater transparency and accountability from their governments, and governments are listening. Officials are making data public to allow for better public oversight of their activities. But where do officials and IT professionals begin? Launching an open data initiative requires time, effort, and financial resources to ensure […]

air pollution open data will be a major tool combatting the problem.

Open Data & Air Pollution: A Powerful Tool in the Struggle for Cleaner Air

Low-cost sensors, mobile apps, and open data platforms are helping citizens, researchers and policy-makers alike better understand the nature, impact and state of air quality around the corner and around the globe. 

The benefits of creating shareable data

The Benefits of Creating Shareable Data

Data transparency can be a good thing, especially if you’re a government agency. We’re in the digital information age, where the “why” behind any civic and corporate action is increasingly scrutinized and commented upon, often on social media.

The Open Data and Big Data movements, their connections with data science and algorithms, explained.

On Open Data, Big Data, Data Science, and Algorithms – an Interview with Emmanuel Letouzé

Back in December, OpenDataSoft took part in the Open Government Partnership 2016 Global Summit. You can take a look at our recap of that event here. While attending, we had the opportunity to speak with Data Pop Alliance co-founder and Director, Emmanuel Letouzé about Open Data, Big Data, Data Science, and Algorithms, four very different subjects […]

Simplifying Data Processing May Be Easier Than You Think

Simplifying Data Processing May Be Easier Than You Think

Managing data across multiple legacy platforms can be incredibly messy. Large enterprise organizations have traditionally struggled to collate and warehouse exponential volumes of data. Complex inoperable systems can make for a snarl of information that typically requires a team of expert data scientists to make sense of all the conflicting formats and complex interfaces. But […]

Breaking Down Data Silos to Achieve Better Results in The Public Sector

Breaking Down Data Silos to Achieve Better Results in The Public Sector

When data specialists talk about digitally stored information, they emphasize the value it brings to organizations. For the public sector, the value could be discovering how a program is performing or whether citizens are really getting the most out of services. However, data isn’t useful if it’s trapped in silos. Compartmentalizing information prevents initiatives from […]

What is open data?

What Is Open Data?

Open data is digital information that is licensed in a way that it is available to anyone, with just a few stipulations. The data is typically either public, open, or attributed. Any data or content that is free to use and distributed falls under the idea of open data. Let’s dive deeper and answer this […]

the global epic of data distribution aeneid virgil

The global epic of data distribution

Open Data? What is it all about? Opening new perspectives by sharing and reusing data, making your life and the lives of others easier through transparency. But why is it so important, and what might be the costs of not opening your data? The following article, written by our Chief Data Officer Nicolas Terpolilli, will […]