Replay: Meetup with E-Redes

Tuesday 23 July 2024

Data-driven collaboration across the energy ecosystem to deliver decarbonization

🎫 Watch our webinar with Portuguese utility E-REDES to find out how it is sharing data across its ecosystem to increase collaboration in order to drive decarbonization and meet climate change targets.

Sharing energy data through utility data portals and intuitive visualizations enables all players in the energy ecosystem, such as local communities and producers, to better understand the current picture and effectively plan their decarbonization efforts.

How can you deliver this information efficiently through data portals that meet the specific needs of every member of the ecosystem, such as individual municipalities, yet scale to cover whole countries?

👉 Want to find out, watch our replay!

Watch the replay

Learn how E-REDES’ data portal:

  • Improves planning of decarbonization initiatives through intuitive dashboards and visualizations
  • Provides detailed insight into energy usage at a municipal level to aid local decision-making
  • Increases ecosystem collaboration, bringing together municipalities, central government, academia, and energy players 
  • Better inform citizens and other stakeholders through a single source of truth

The replay will focus on how data sharing through portals can help create effective decarbonization, increase transparency and drive collaboration. Showcasing best practice, it will include a demo of E-REDES’ intuitive portal and the ways it shares energy and sustainability data. 

Our speakers

Fanny Goldschmidt
Account Executive
Luís Tiago Ferreira
Head of Smart Cities & Streetlighting