Lauréline Saux
10 January 2022
The whole Opendatasoft team is excited to announce that we have raised $25 million in funding from a mix of existing and new investors. To find out more, we interviewed Jean-Marc Lazard, CEO and cofounder of Opendatasoft.
Daphnée Bestel
06 September 2021
How is Open Data becoming a essential part of the upcoming revolution in the energy sector ? EDP, EDF and Enedis share their visions and experiences !
Agata C. Hidalgo
28 April 2021
Industrial actors have a major role to play in global efforts to cut carbon emissions, but how can industry satisfy its rising energy needs while meeting climate targets? The answer is energy efficiency through data. Read more to find out how.
Chloé Van Dooren
23 June 2020
Are you familiar with "island energy systems"? These "isolated" areas represent a real challenge in terms of electricity supply. The use of digital tools such as open data has the power to help overcome this challenge... Let's see how!
Chloé Van Dooren
10 June 2020
How can digital technology make it easier for territories to control their operators's activities? What is its impact on their relationship? Let's answer these questions.
23 March 2020
Entire companies are also changing their business and operations models based on a better understanding and use of data. Read this article about street lighting companies to find out how data is revolutionizing their business offer and enabling them to meet the needs of the digital age.
18 October 2019
Thanks to its connected scale and the data it generates, Spare-it helps organizations engage employees to reduce their environmental impact and foster a corporate sustainability culture.
06 November 2018
On several occasions in 2017 and 2018, the country has been able to meet 100% of its electricity demand exclusively from renewable energy sources. While some claim such ambitions to be unattainable, Portugal is the counterexample.
Eric Reese
22 February 2018
The utilities sector is increasingly capitalizing on IoT and data. This blog post is about how smart technologies are changing the industry.
Pauline Montay
18 January 2018
Smarteo Water launches City Flow: a new tool to help the operation of water networks for the use of communities.
10 August 2017
Let’s take a look back at the development of smart grids and the opportunities offered to utilities by using data coming from these new smart electricity distribution networks.
01 August 2017
What is the impact of open data? Here are some inspiring open data examples from the real world.
25 July 2017
Opendatasoft provides Schneider Electric with a tool to reduce time-consuming data management tasks. Schneider Electric’s data scientists are free to focus on their core mission: mining and modeling data for business insights.
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