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Improve the quality of your data and enrich it with reference data, all in just a few clicks. During this key step in preparing your data experiences, you can cross-reference your data with over 25,000 public datasets, accessible from the ODS Data Hub.

Effortlessly improve the quality of your data



With more than 50 processors, the platform helps you easily implement instant, advanced processing of your freshly imported data. Apply geographic transformations, correct the text, format dates and reshape your dataset content with precision, without ever writing a single line of code.

Zero wasted time

Automatic recognition of field types for faster processing of your data

Renaming of processors according to how you use them, making it easy to find them again

Temporary activation and deactivation of processes to avoid their permanent deletion

Real-time preview of the results of processing operations applied to your dataset

The processors most used by our customers

Replace text
Replace text

Have you identified a typo or an error in your dataset? Use our processor to correct it on the fly.

Create a geographic location
Create a geographic location

Generate the precise location you need from the GPS coordinates in your dataset.

Normalize a date
Normalize a date

Adapt your data to the standard date and time representation as defined by the ISO 8601 standard.

Pseudonymize data
Pseudonymize data

Respect the confidentiality of personal data by transforming a geolocated location into an approximate radius.

Easily contextualize your data

Use our reference data packs to complete your datasets with reliable and relevant information:

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Geographic packs by country

  • Administrative divisions
  • Geographic forms of administrative divisions
  • National addresses, etc.
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Business packs

  • Employment
  • Demographics
  • Economy
  • Weather and Health


Save time
Immediate availability via the platform’s back office

Open reuse
Data packs available under open license for easy reuse

Comprehensive information
Current year and historical datasets all available

Consolidated data from verified official sources

Compliance with all sectoral and administrative naming conventions

Packs kept up to date through our integrated data pipeline

Geographical Reference data: Data Quality in Stages

At Opendatasoft, we provide you with something much better: a data team specifically trained to provide our customers with reliable geographical reference data that can delivered quickly to meet your needs.

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Geographical Reference data: Data Quality in Stages

Instantly enrich your datasets

Leverage over 25,000 datasets shared by other producers on the ODS Data Hub to enrich your own datasets, all without ever leaving the platform. You can also draw on over 600 datasets of general interest shared by our team, or choose from your own datasets.

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