OpenDataSoft Features - User-friendly data management platform

Publish Your Data

Focus on your work. Let us worry about the technical details!

OpenDataSoft was developed for business users, not technical ones. With its user-friendly back-end interface, data are collected, processed and published in a few clicks. You can do it all on your own.


Explore Beautiful Data

Say goodbye to boring data catalogs!

OpenDataSoft turns any dataset into easy-to-understand interactive data visualizations. Your data will instantly make sense to your end-users with tables, graphs, charts, maps, and pictures.

Not convinced? Check the map we made with a dataset containing 4 million records.

OpenDataSoft Features - Say goodbye to plain data catalogs


Share & broadcast


OpenDataSoft Features - Share multiple file formats

Multiple data formats at once.

Once your data are published, they can easily be shared and reused thanks to different export formats (including CSV, JSON, Excel, GeoJSON, and Shapefile).

OpenDataSoft Features - Social Data

Your data just became social.

In just a few clicks, you can embed visualizations generated on your portal on other websites or on social media. Let your data go viral.


OpenDataSoft Features - API first

Have Your Data Reused

API first is what you need to foster innovation.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are automatically generated from your data and will stay in sync with the apps built on top of them. Web and mobile application development just got a lot easier. Innovation as well.

Want to know more about our top-notch APIs? Take a look at our knowledge base.


Enrich Your Data

More data = more leverage.

Cross-reference not only several of your own datasets, but also with third-party datasets (Open Data or private providers).


OpenDataSoft Features - Monitoring your API calls


Watch your data. Live.

Watch how your data are used thanks to your own monitoring dashboard and detailed analytics.