OpenDataSoft is a cloud-based platform designed for smart and easy transformation of all types of data and APIs into innovative services. Our mission: to make it easier for business users to leverage data processing and data preparation.


Plug in your data

From anywhere



Every day, companies, organizations and individuals alike generate exponential volumes of data. The OpenDataSoft API and data management solution has been developed to streamline their collection by non-technical users.

Within seconds, plug in your data from multiple sources: internal, external or crowdsourced. You can even collect data from your existing secure Information System or sync up real-time information from IoT/M2M.

Say goodbye to complex interfaces: drag n’ drop CSV files, connect web services, and import entire relational database exports in just a few clicks.


Cross-reference your data

Access our data network

It is sometimes necessary to bring in extra intelligence. Thanks to OpenDataSoft’s integrated data marketplace, you can now enrich your data with those of third parties’.

Each OpenDataSoft customer becomes a node in a strong data network. From smart utilities to smart cities, our data federation capabilities make it super easy to pick the data you really need.

Sync up data coming from our network of data producers without duplicating them nor losing metadata. Get access to Open Data, real-time data streams, or geo-tagged data in seconds.

OpenDataSoft Smart Cities Software Data Network


Read all data formats

Gotta catch ’em all


Our turnkey data and API management solution takes them all:

  • popular file formats: CSV, XML, XLS, ODS…
  • geographic formats: OSM, KML, WFS, CSW, ESRI…
  • transit feed format: GTFS
  • image file (and metadata) formats: JPG, PNG…
  • syndication feeds: RSS and Atom



Use every type of data

You no longer have to choose

The platform recognizes and instantly handles text, integers, floats, geo-codes, dates, numbers, POI, polygons,…




Make your data more intelligible


Although your data may first be consumed by programs, humans will interact with them as well. Once your data are up and running, the OpenDataSoft solution allows you to edit your dataset and column titles on the fly.

Add a description to columns without leaving the administration interface to give your end-users more context.

Need to reorganize your columns to enhance readability? Just drag n’ drop them directly in the interface.



Bring in some extra intelligence

Data Processing FTW!


Our team has developed a powerful set of data processors, allowing you to modify, normalize and enrich your data in a jiff.

Need to concatenate values from two different columns into a new one? Easy peasy. Want to verify the syntax of a character string? The REGEX processor is here for you.

Possibilities are endless: normalize URLs, extract information, create relational joins between datasets…



Your data, on an interactive map

Change your data, watch your maps change too


Sometimes, your data need geographical representation. OpenDataSoft makes it super easy to turn geographical information such as zip codes and addresses into coordinates. You can even turn district names into geographical shapes.

OpenDataSoft’s connector library also allows you to anonymize sensitive geographical data or convert Lambert II projection into WGS84.



What about images?

It’s even better than scrapbooking.


Whether you collect images of football players or work of arts, the OpenDataSoft solution instantly creates interactive galleries that you can easily embed.

Your images are hosted on a distant server? No problem. The platform instantly converts URLs into images. You can now share your image collections with the world as searchable APIs.



Search your data with OpenDataSoft Smart City Solution

Searchable data

Pull that needle right out of the haystack

To properly leverage your data, give your users a proper context and description. OpenDataSoft customers can write extended meta descriptions (DCAT and INSPIRE standards, or their own template).

With comprehensive context, keywords and licensing, your end-users will instantly find what they’re looking for. Even better, they’ll also know what they’re allowed to do with it.