OpenDataSoft was developed to easily create the data visualization you really need from all types of data and APIs: tables, charts, maps, calendars and image galleries. Make your data instantly intelligible and accessible. Say goodbye to plain data catalogs!


Browse our data on French cheeses in the table above.

Data as a table

Share more than just a list of files to download.

The OpenDataSoft solution offers a direct view of your data. With interactive tables, end users can browse entire datasets, filter faceted columns and ensure the quality of the data.

No more need to download datasets to discover their content.

Leave unreadable interfaces and unending downloads of low quality datasets to other data portals.



Graphic Visualization

Intelligible data. Now.

Reading data in a spreadsheet is not always effective. How can anyone gather anything from a million-record dataset with only a few minutes to spare?

The OpenDataSoft platform allows its users to choose the most appropriate chart for their data: line, curve, columns, pie chart, area, scatter plot, treemap and more.

Customize color themes, break down data series and sort by values. What’s best? Visualizations will always sync up to your data thanks to OpenDataSoft APIs.

All you have to do is choose the best chart for your data.


Build Interactive Maps

Map it all out!


Geo-located logs, population stats, weather forecast live streams: these are examples of data that should be put on a map. The OpenDataSoft solution instantly recognizes geographic information and displays your data as points, areas, clusters or heatmaps. No coordinates in your dataset? No problem! Our data processing features will make them for you.

You can even build complex maps with cross-referenced datasets thanks to the Cartograph tool.

And since your data deserve nothing but the best, our Mapbox and mapsquare integrations make it very easy to customize basemaps.


Image Galleries

It’s better than scrapbooking.

Images in your dataset? Why not show them off?

Our data and API management solution creates interactive image galleries in a jiff.

End users only have to click on images to discover the relevant data.

Click on the images on your right!



Want to share your calendar?

Stay up-to-date.

Share and publish event-related data. OpenDataSoft helps you turn them into interactive calendars.

You can easily see these up-to-date data reused as dynamic editorial content or share them with developers through APIs.


Embed your favorite data visualization everywhere

And watch your data go viral!

OpenDataSoft Data Visualization Feature

Creating data visualizations is good. Making them easy to share is even better. The OpenDataSoft platform automatically generates embed links from your visualizations. In a couple of clicks, embed charts, maps and image galleries on any web page.

Change the colors of your chart, change your basemap, correct your data: embedded data visualizations automatically sync up wherever they are thanks to APIs.

Need an example? Like the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux, transform your boring financial reports into beautiful communication tools!




Create interactive dashboards in minutes

The cherry on top of the cake.


OpenDataSoft provides an open source widget library for tech-savy users. These widgets are the go-to tool to build entire interactive dashboards. From now on, follow in real time public transportation and keep an eye on ground-level pollution in your city. This is the ideal performance dashboard solution for smart cities and smart utilities.

Only access the information you need: query a city in your search box and watch all your visualizations sync up in real time.