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Use the Opendatasoft platform to build a one-stop hub for your data and take close control of how it is shared. Plug the platform into your data collection tools, process and publish your datasets quickly, and create meaningful data visualizations for your users.

Harness a single platform
to collect, prepare, compile, publish,
visualize, distribute and analyze your data


Gather all your data in a single catalog

  • Retrieve data automatically from your information systems and business tools
  • Publish and organize your data in a catalog and filter it by category, language, etc.

Improve and enrich your datasets

  • Correct and edit your data on the fly
  • Add information from external datasets to your own datasets
  • Build your catalog by tapping into the ODS data network

Visualize your data and create high-impact content

  • Seamlessly generate data visualizations: maps, graphs, image galleries, calendars
  • Create customized visualizations and build dashboards that tell stories

Manage your data governance

  • Create user groups and choose who has access to what content
  • Manage several portals from a main domain and deliver hierarchical access to information

Encourage the reuse of your data

  • Allow developers to interface their applications with your portal using a documented API console
  • Export your data in different standard formats and integrate your visualizations into other web pages
  • Translate your datasets into all languages, without duplicating them

Analyze uses

  • Access usage statistics for your portal: number of API calls, geographical breakdown of users, reuses of datasets on other portals, etc.
  • Examine the quality and popularity scores of your datasets in order to improve them
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