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Opendatasoft for Banking and Insurance


Saving Banks

Savings banks


Credit unions


Insurance companies

Banks and insurance companies are using data to create new relationships with their clients based on transparency and trust.

Open data provides an unprecedented opportunity to proactively provide clients, partners and regulators with the information they value. These innovative approaches demonstrate a commitment to digital transformation and corporate social responsibility.

We're Helping Our Clients
Solve Major Challenges


Improve standards of transparency

through better communication


Engage with their clients and ecosystem

by giving them access to meaningful information


Communicate proactively for

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Differentiate themselves

from the competition


Ensure strong governance

and data access

ODS Impacts Every Stage of
Your Data Sharing Journey

An open data portal to communicate differently

An Open Data Portal
to communicate differently

  • Improve transparency and open new communication channels

a self-service data catalogue

A Self-Service
data catalog

  • Give your team a hub to collect data, share and better collaborate across your organization to avoid work duplication

Powerful data visualization and analytics tools

Powerful Visualization
and analytics tools

  • Visualize data with maps, graphs and charts

Access management tool

Access Management

  • Control who accesses your data internally and tailor data access for external stakeholders

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Discover Banking and Insurance
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