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Government agencies at all levels are sold on the value of using data to inform decision-making. Data sharing helps communities thrive.

But there is a wide gap between governments’ aspirations and their ability to implement data-driven policies. A data sharing platform can provide the missing link to help governments execute on evidence. ODS helps governments increase effectiveness and meaningfully engage with constituents, visitors, and businesses.

We're Helping Our Clients
Solve Major Challenges


Improve standards of transparency

through better communication


Engage with their community

by granting them access to valuable information


Reuse data to generate value

and create efficient public services


Reduce dependencies on IT teams

and allow every team member to share and reuse data


Comply with regulations

around open government and public data

ODS Impacts Every Stage of
Your Data Sharing Journey

a single go-to platform

A Single Go-to Platform
to share public data

  • Build your own data portal to share information with your constituents and your ecosystem

A Tailored  data sharing solution

A Tailored
data sharing solution

  • Tailor your data portal to fit your government identity

Powerful Visualization and analytic tools

Powerful Visualization
and analytic tools

  • Share data-driven stories to better engage with your community

KPI dashboards


  • Create and share dashboards to keep track of your KPIs and make them public

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Discover Public Sector
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