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Power users aren't born, they are made. ODS Academy is the training platform we designed to gradually build your skills as a user of your data portal. We aim to make you a completely independent user.

From exploring a data catalog to designing compelling data visualizations for your users, our training programs are designed to introduce you to the Opendatasoft platform and its various features, as well as to help you master them.

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Exploring efficiently a dataset catalog



Enriching a data catalog

  • Familiarize yourself with the Opendatasoft data network
  • Retrieve datasets from the network
  • Add items from one dataset to another


Upgrading data

  • Expand on the metadata in a dataset
  • Activate filters and sort your data within each dataset
  • Use processors to correct and improve a dataset


Creating high-impact content pages

  • Learn the basics of HTML and CSS
  • Choose page templates suited to your data stories
  • Create customized maps and graphs
  • Combine data visualizations in a dynamic dashboard


Using Opendatasoft APIs

  • Master the API concept
  • Use the ODSQL query language to perform operations in datasets
  • Master and analyze the API calls received on your data portal
Explore the Training Programs

Become an advanced user of the platform with the help of our learning resources, tutorials and real life use cases.

  • For each module, gain access to a "memo" sheet setting out the training objectives and the key concepts and methods tackled
  • Learn by doing thanks to interactive tutorials and demo videos
  • Follow a program and improve step by step by testing your knowledge in quizzes and practical exercises
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Have your newly acquired skills on the platform acknowledged by earning badges and certificates

  • Data Explorer, Data Hero, Data Mentor… earn badges to show your progress through programs, and reward your willingness to help others out
  • After completing a program, get a certificate demonstrating your level of proficiency on the Opendatasoft platform
  • Promote your skills among your professional network, and boost your career opportunities with a qualification recognized in the data industry
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Join the ODS community by sharing your experience with other users

  • Take advantage of ODS Academy's own social network to ask your questions about the platform and share your latest achievements
  • Get more out of lessons by joining other users in discussions prompted by each class and educational activity
  • Respond to classes, tutorials, handouts and exercises to help the Opendatasoft team improve them and provide you with relevant resources
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