OpenDataSoft’s API allows any organization to automatically leverage their data. With the OpenDataSoft platform, you can collect data coming from multiple sources and create APIs in a matter of minutes.

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You have an API project?

You want to bring value to your data with APIs but don’t know how?

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have become an essential lever in bringing value to data. Whether you wish to maximize the interconnectivity of your data or share your organization’s resources, APIs must be at the heart of your initiative.

However, becoming API first can be a challenge. What does one share via APIs? How does one ensure their interoperability? How does one measure their return on investment?




Your internal data, in a single hub

Say goodbye to data silos.

The innovation process necessitates free and rapid access to information. Whether you administer a city or a large industrial group, putting your data into silos puts a major brake on your development.

The OpenDataSoft platform facilitates the aggregation and the access to your organization’s data via a unique access point. In a few clicks, decide who has access to which data records. Your services can then concentrate on the development of innovative content and tools.


Brush the dust off your data

Transform your community into collaborators.

OpenDataSoft API solution was created for business-users. In just a few minutes, you can share structured data with partners, service providers, or developers across the world.

Provide a unique stable access point to your documented API. By protecting innovators from any technical instability, you increase the potential for your data to go viral. The more your data are used, the more value you create.




Share more than your data

Data are good. Services are even better.

Developers need more than simply access to data. The possibility to request a specific portion of a dataset is fundamental.

OpenDataSoft’s API allows developers to interrogate, refine, and sort data in a few clicks. Even better, our APIs offer a complete test console, a rational structure, and a standardized description.

By offering service APIs, create your own network effects and transform end-users into collaborators.

Discover the OpenDataSoft API proxy

Manage several APIs across a unique entry point.

Enriching real-time data with third-party APIs? Receiving geographic logs from multiple terminals?

The OpenDataSoft API management solution offers the possibility to interrogate an ensemble of APIs across a unified entry point. Say goodbye to conflicting protocols or conflicting usages. Our platform takes care of all of this and assures you truly interoperable data.

Even better, the APIs generated by our proxy have the benefits of the OpenDataSoft API packaging. Measure the usage of APIs (the number of calls, geographic location of users), attribute authorizations to each user of the domain down to the record.



OpenDataSoft Features - Monitoring your API calls

A non-intrusive solution

Adopt a secure work environment.

Fully hosted on the cloud, the OpenDataSoft solution spares you heavy initial investment costs, labor-intensive maintenance, and expensive, time-consuming trainings.

OpenDataSoft uses the best security protocols to keep your data secure (SSL encryption, OAuth, etc.). You can even decide to store your data on a sovereign cloud.

Our clients testify


Api Agro - Client OpenDataSoft

“We chose the French start-up OpenDataSoft over large API management platform editors as the turnkey solution provided by OpenDataSoft was the most appropriate for non-technical users, enabling each API-AGRO member to quickly highlight their APIs and data sets. Data visualization features also drew our attention. We couldn’t find a tool as interesting and original to maximize the value of data in other competitors’ proposals.”

Théo-Paul Haezebrouck, API-AGRO project manager



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