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Today, more data than ever before are being produced nonstop by Smart City sensors, IoT devices, governments, and people themselves. With this influx of data comes a growing demand for data management and data visualization. Give your customers what they need! OpenDataSoft's partner program is your go-to solution to meet their demands.

Add new revenue streams and profits from data visualization projects. Our proven Open Data as a Service (ODaaS) platform accelerates your success and our partner program gives you more control. Designed specifically for system integrators, consultants and Managed Service Providers that want to build Open Data services and products that are powerful, easy to deploy and customize, and cost-effective to maintain. Our partner program will help you:

– Incorporate our solution into your business model with our flexible pricing;

– Launch managed services that provide predictable revenue and profits;

– Strengthen your relationships with customers by extending your data visualization and distribution capabilities;

– Deploy and manage new clients from your own master console.

Enhance your Open Data deployments with a platform that make your customers happy today – and keep working with you over the long term. Designed specifically for resellers that want a platform for fast, reliable and successful deployments. Our partner program will help you:

– Integrate to cloud and on-premise data faster than ever before.

– Develop reusable components to increase your profitability on subsequent deployments.

– Reduce the risk of integrations with a simple-to-use platform that can handle real-world complexities you’ll encounter at customer sites.

Instantly extend the data visualization and data distribution of your application – and save time and money on custom integrations for your customers. Designed specifically for SaaS providers and ISVs that are relying on the OpenDataSoft platform to solve Open Data challenges with their customers, our partner program will help you:

– Incorporate our solution into your business model with our flexible pricing;

– Reduce time to market with our API-driven technology and pre-built visualizations;

– Increase the value of your brand with a differentiated product enabled by our white/private labelling capabilities;

Reduce deployment time with our ability to provide your own console for provisioning and managing your client deployments.

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OpenDataSoft AWS Data Sharing Partnership

“We are excited to have OpenDataSoft in AWS Marketplace, delivering our customers a free data portal for over 500 cities across America. We look forward to seeing how our customers leverage data portals like this one to launch civic initiatives that improve their respective communities.”

Barry Russell,
Amazon Web Services

Current by GE and OpenDataSoft have a partnership for advanced data sharing

“With the OpenDataSoft platform our city customers can seamlessly integrate data from Current by GE’s CityIQ sensors and other public and private data sources on a single, easy-to-use platform. We’re excited about our partnership with OpenDataSoft and how we are helping cities leverage data to improve how they operate while meeting citizens’ needs.”

Jim Benson,
Head of Marketing & Strategic Alliances, Current by GE

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