August 17, 2021

An open letter to Australian Mayors and City Councillors

As cities inevitably expand, and population rapidly increases, the Australian Government looks towards technological innovations t ...

April 16, 2020

How Data Empowers City Operators to Build New Digital Offers

Whether your core business is lighting, transport or utilities, data sharing empowers you to transform your business, create new s ...

How to build a digital offer by Opendatasoft
March 02, 2020

8 Essential Steps to Launch a Data Sharing Portal

If you work for a local government or state agency, the words open data are probably all around you. But what is the true value of ...

8 steps to launch a data sharing portal

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August 10, 2020

How to choose and describe Metadata - The white paper

We created this guide to help you improve the quality of your metadata and thereby ensure your data gets reused.

How to choose and describe metadata
May 07, 2019

SBB: Opening Data to Shape the Future of Mobility

With over 30,000 employees, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is the backbone of public transport and mobility in Switzerland. In 2 ...

SBB opendatasoft

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