OpenDataSoft Data and API Solution for Utilities is here to help companies integrated in a Smart City ecosystem. Interacting on a daily basis with cities and other companies, smart companies collect data from multiple sources: M2M, APIs, real-time feeds, logs…

Smart CIties Solution for Smart Utilities and Smart Companies / Entreprises Connectées



Solution Smart City pour Entreprises Connectées

Smart City initiatives: new business opportunities

Internet of Everything, the future of smart cities.

The Internet of Things represents the next evolution of smart cities. Objects and places are now connected to the Internet and interact with each other without any human intermediation. Cisco estimates that 50 million objects will be connected by 2020 for an added economic value of $19 billion.

Potential business opportunities are infinite: natural resources, energy, transportation, urbanism, health and safety, insurance, etc. Whether you wish to aggregate real-time video surveillance streams of traffic or to monitor the water pressure in a hydroelectric power plant, business opportunities are endless.


Multiple data types

Welcome the universal adaptor.



Data can be collected from many terminals: smart watches, buses, sensors, personal weather stations, connected scales, traffic cameras, badges, nanosensors, etc.

Each of these terminals pushes data in a wide range of forms and units of measure: logs, timestamps, image feeds, weight, temperature.

OpenDataSoft has developed a multi-cloud solution that plugs to any existing system of structured data (database, API, M2M…). Our library of connectors makes OpenDataSoft solution a universal adaptor.

You can also use our built-in processors to clean and enrich your data on the fly.




OpenDataSoft Smart Cities Software Data Network

Easily connect your data

Interoperability is at the heart of your business.

Our platform works as a data hub in which you can create network effects between your data and third parties’.

Datasets uploaded on the OpenDataSoft solution automatically generate exports in standard formats (CSV, JSON, GeoJson). Your public customers and private partners can easily interact with your data.

We also handle third party data whether they are open datasets or APIs. At last, your data are interoperable.



OpenDataSoft Features - API first

Understand your data in real-time

And make data-backed decisions.

Sometimes, you just need to instantly understand data to make the right decision for your business. OpenDataSoft solution automatically transforms your data into visualizations: graphs, tables, maps, image galleries and calendars.

Our intuitive tool was developed for users without technical knowledge. Without a line of code, you can cross-reference your buses’ real-time positions with traffic data to calculate new routes on the fly. Anticipate when to ship your stock by cross-referencing your sales history with meteorological data.

You can build and share real-time dashboards with your team or city representatives in just a few clicks.

With several thousand records updated every second, you finally gain intelligence from your data.


100% cloud-based infrastructure

Safe, scalable and non-intrusive.

We create an environment where you can invite members of your team and define specific roles from the whole domain to the record line.

OpenDataSoft multi-cloud solution uses the best in breed security protocols to help you protect your data (SSL encrytion, OAuth…). You can also decide to host your data on a sovereign cloud.

ODS has partnered with the best hosting services to provide its customers with a scalable solution. And as it is a non-intrusive, 100% cloud-based platform, you won’t have to worry about legacy.


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