Internal and Private Data


Centralize your organization’s private data in one place.

Simplify the exchange of data with your partners, and ensure rich data to help you drive informed business decisions. It’s all possible with our Internal Data Hub.

The integral part of your digital strategy.

  • Share Your Data
  • Centralize Your Company’s Data
  • Include all Ecosystem Partners

Share Your Data

Share Your Data

Share your data across your large or small organization using subdomains.
Push or pull data from a parent domain, and ensure that different stakeholders get the data relevant to their needs via fine security features to manage access to different parts of the data.

This is data governance at its finest. See how Veolia, France’s national water distribution company is doing it.

Centralize Your Company’s Data

Centralize Your Company’s Data

Collect all of your company and partners’ data in one hub, and use them for business analytics and new solutions to create new opportunities.

OpenDataSoft’s data hub allows anyone within your organization, no matter their technical skill level, to enrich datasets through advanced data processing.

With broken-down data silos, all of your data will be in one centralized location, easy for anyone in your network to locate and reuse.

Include all Ecosystem Partners

Include all Ecosystem Partners

Create a data hub inclusive of all your partners’ data. Plug datasets coming from third-party sources and the OpenDataSoft Data Network into your hub, and enrich them by joining these datasets with your own.

Cross historical weather data, for example, with construction projects to predict possible outcomes and gain new business insights.

With a set of pre-developed integrations and API connections to choose from, having an open platform will help grow your business.

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Building an Internal Data Hub with OpenDataSoft

1. Easily Integrate Data from Multiple Sources

Build a datahub with ease.

Schneider Electric uses the OpenDataSoft platform to build its internal Analytics Data Library for IoT and Digital offers, providing data scientists within the company with a data library.

Data are automatically processed, cleaned, and standardized from multiple sources within and outside of the company, allowing teams to focus on making informed business decisions. Learn more about how you can create your own internal data hub: (Schneider Case Study)

2. Build Dashboards in Full Autonomy

Use custom dashboards to offer new and better services.

Endetec, a subsidiary of Veolia with a line of water sensor technology, has integrated dashboards built using the OpenDataSoft platform into its service offering to its clients.

With an aggregation of several different hand-picked data visualizations on the same page, teams can better understand their data to make data-driven decisions, analyze their data, and even to have alerts in real-time. Finally, your dashboards can add value to your company. Read the Veolia Case Study

3. Advanced Data Processing

Extract maximum value from your datasets by enriching them.

Saint Gobain uses the OpenDataSoft platform to combine their own datasets with data coming from their partners and the OpenDataSoft data network through advanced data processors, including a join-dataset feature.

Because the platform was developed for non-technical experts, any member of the Saint Gobain team can process data, ensuring a bottom-up data governance model. Saint Gobain is now better-prepared to make more informed business decisions and have a more complete offer for its partner network.

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