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Our Open Data solution provides the tools you need to place your city at the center of a vibrant and transparent open innovation ecosystem.

Deliver Open Data to your community for all citizens.

  • Publish Data Autonomously
  • Connect to a Larger Data Network
  • Engage your Citizens

Publish Data Autonomously

Publish Data Autonomously

Create a central open data hub for both your citizens and city departments. Only OpenDataSoft empowers self-service data preparation. The OpenDataSoft platform was developed for non-technical users and advanced experts alike, making it easy for anyone to publish and process data, and to understand and reuse them in building interactive charts, maps, and tables.

Now, citizens and government officials will have the information they need at their fingertips.

Connect to a Larger Data Network

Connect to a Larger Data Network

Compliment your city’s data with external datasets from our large Open Data network.

OpenDataSoft’s data network allows you to benefit from thousands of existing public datasets from companies and other governments, and to reference on your own portal those which are relevant to your community.

Join external datasets with your own to produce richer and cleaner data. Connect with other ecosystems too when you publish your own data to the OpenDataSoft Network.

Engage your Citizens

Engage your Citizens

Empower your community to develop and co-construct the solutions they need with your data, all while improving your communication strategy.

OpenDataSoft allows you to create an inclusive and active data ecosystem publishing data from all stakeholders: Finance and GIS departments, transportation operators, and energy producers alike can all share their data on your hub.

Allow your government to be more accountable with dynamic and contextual budget dashboards, while more techy members of your ecosystem can build new applications to increase access to services. It’s all about collaboration!

10 Essential Steps to Publish Your Data

Don’t know where to begin on your data project? Download our 10-step guide and get the answers!


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OpenDataSoft Makes Your Data Accessible

1. Tell Data Stories with Dynamic Dashboards

Discover how the city and county of Durham use data dashboards as part of their communication strategy.

Using their OpenDataSoft platform, the city and county of Durham have built dashboards autonomously on a range of subjects, from government performance on annual goals to fiscal transparency and library usage statistics, all directly on top of their data. This allows them a new level of accountability, as the data can be directly consulted right at the source.

2. Advanced APIs Power your Data Ecosystem

The OpenDataSoft platform is an API engine at its core, allowing communities like the city of Rennes in Western France to be at the center of its data community. Each time a dataset is published, a standardized yet powerful API is produced, allowing developers to create new applications and services.

The API can even help process real-time data, putting some of your community’s most valuable data assets at developers’ fingertips.

3. Intuitive Open Data

In Issy-les-Moulineaux, a suburb of Paris, city officials and re-users alike are more engaged with their data, all while saving time.

OpenDataSoft is designed with non-technical users in mind, so publishing data and building charts, tables, and maps is an easy task for anyone. Your data library will have more impact than your simple catalog when data is being reused by journalists, government officials, active citizens, and developers alike.

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