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Helping Mayors to better govern their Smart Cities.

Our Smart City solution helps you extract value from your data by transforming them into a standardized, shareable, and intelligent resource for innovation to create value.

Putting Citizens at the Center of your Smart City

  • Give Citizens Smart Data
  • Build a Smart Data Web
  • Empower Civic Innovation

Give Citizens Smart Data

Give Citizens Smart Data

Make your city truly smart. Don’t limit your citizens to data coming just from your sensors, give them a true Smart City hub where you combine data from your connected objects.

Measuring air quality, for example, and analyze it on top of government data on roads and annual vehicle passages. Combine with budget data to equip citizens with the full picture of their unique context.

Build a Smart Data Web

Build a Smart Data Web

Take more than just the pulse of your city: connect a true data web through your sensor network. Only OpenDataSoft allows you to collect data, even in real-time, in one hub, making them interoperable and shareable via the same standard and powerful API.

Connect data coming from parking systems, energy monitoring, transportation systems, air quality, and more smart infrastructures to paint a full picture of how your city functions.

Empower Civic Innovation

Empower Civic Innovation

Empower your community to develop and co-construct the solutions they need with your data, all while improving your communication strategy. OpenDataSoft allows you to create an inclusive and active data ecosystem publishing data from all stakeholders: Finance and GIS departments, transportation operators, and energy producers alike can all share their data on your hub.

Allow your government to be more accountable with dynamic and contextual budget dashboards, while more advanced technical users in your ecosystem can build new applications to increase access to services. It’s all about collaboration!

5 Lessons Learned Driving Smart City Innovation

Discover the technical must-haves for your city, foster your Smart City innovation and engage your community in every step of the way with our comprehensive guide!


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Making Your City Smart with OpenDataSoft

1. Include your entire ecosystem

Facilitate the exchange of your data throughout your entire ecosystem.

The European Metropolis of Lille has created a robust Smart City data hub, notably setting up an internal data exchange with Waze: the City exchanges their planned road closures with Waze for data on traffic patterns and incidents noted by Waze users.

This exchange helps the city officials better understand how people get around. Since the OpenDataSoft platform is an Open Platform, integrations also exist with Cisco; Current, powered by GE; and more!

2. Right Tools for New Solutions

Never worry about your data being shared or reused again!

The transportation provider in the city of Rennes in Western France developed an Open Data platform with 32 datasets, one third of which contain real-time data.

Because each dataset produces a powerful, simple, and standard API, developers in the city reuse data for new applications, all of which are approved by the transit operator and displayed on a dedicated webpage.

3. Make Data Easily Understood

Build smart city dashboards to communicate your project more tangible.

In Paris, a major renovation of a traffic circle is underway in partnership with Cisco. Sensors measure air quality, noise pollution, and traffic levels in real-time, and the data uploaded onto the city’s Open Data platform.

Data visualizations are displayed throughout the traffic circle in order to inform citizens and influence their decisions. Finally, the Smart City means something to the average citizen.

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