Solutions to create new services and improve decision making through data sharing and re-use.


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Traditional approaches to delivering data to stakeholders are too slow, costly, and not scalable.

At OpenDataSoft, we are convinced that organizations will create value from their data only if they share it.

OpenDataSoft offers market-leading data sharing solutions that redefine enterprise data management. Our solution offers a one-stop hub of clean and organized data and tools to visualize, analyze, and share it.

Publish, manage, combine, analyze, visualize, and share your data. In one place.

We believe that the data sharing movement will only succeed if we change the way organizations use and share data. This is why we created OpenDataSoft: to enable any organization to give their stakeholders access to business-ready data and insights when they need it.

Open Data

Opening data for better community engagement.

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IoT and Smart City

Managing high volumes of real-time data to unleash innovation.

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Private Data Sharing

Sharing data to empower performance and innovation.

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Data Product

Building data products for new revenues streams.

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Turn your data into actions


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