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Building Data Products for New Revenue Streams


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A solution to build a product out of your data and create new revenue streams.

Learn More About Data Product We Built With our Partners

Learn More About Data Product We Built With our Partners

Smarteo Water is a specialist in the digitalization of water networks.

Smarteo developed City Flow, a data product based on the OpenDataSoft platform. The technology allows detailed monitoring of the state of the infrastructure and the quality of the water, using data collected from interactive meters.

Thanks to OpenDataSoft technology, Smarteo Water offers an immediate and targeted response to the problem of aging infrastructure affecting territories.

Learn more about data products we built with our partners.

Improving Mobility with Traffic Data

Improving Mobility with Traffic Data

Citilog is a leader in providing video-based monitoring and surveillance products for the transportation market.

Citilog traffic sensors generate data that are automatically collected in real time on the OpenDataSoft platform. The partnership offers cities access to cost- effective and efficient tools to optimize traffic light operations and reduce waiting time at intersections.

Learn more about data products we built with our partners.

Build Your Own Data Product

Build Your Own Data Product

Embed the OpenDataSoft white-label solution into your offering to help your clients turn the passive data they generate into valuable analysis and decisions.

Help your clients achieve data analysis and visualization, real time interactive dashboarding and data sharing and reuse with external partners and stakeholders.

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10 Essential Steps to Publish Your Data

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Focus on what your business does best and embed the OpenDataSoft solution to help your clients collect, manage, analyze, and reuse their data. We help our clients build their own data product to create new services and revenue streams.

1. APIs to Harness the Benefits of Real-Time Data

The OpenDataSoft solution provides the technological infrastructure to host and share different sources of data, while allowing partners to customize the data services they provide on top of that foundation.

The data generated by smart sensors is a real business opportunity for partners trying to develop new data-based services and revenue streams.

Discover how smart port initiatives help ports, terminals and their partners operate more efficiently and cut costs. Read the blogpost.

2. Grow the Reputation of Your Business

Quickly position your business as a leader in your industry delivering top-notch, integrated data generation and management services.

OpenDataSoft helps you create value from the data your clients already generate with your technology. A new data product means an additional reason for your clients to stay and make you their one-stop shop.

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Package your data and resell it as a product solution. Build a data product out of your data and create new revenue streams.


Start leveraging your data. Turn them into services.


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