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Managing high volumes of real-time data to unleash innovation


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A solution to share IoT real-time data to unleash the potential of innovative cities and smart city stakeholders.

One Platform for High Volumes of Data

One Platform for High Volumes of Data

OpenDataSoft provides a single go-to-platform to store, manage, visualize, find, use and share important volumes of IoT and city’s data.

Finance, GIS, safety, energy departments and transportation operators alike, can all share high volume of IoT and sensors real-time data on a common hub.

High volume of IoT and sensors’ data easily accessible.

Discover the portal developed for the City of Bristol.

APIs: an Essential Part of Any IoT and Connected Devices Projects

APIs: an Essential Part of Any IoT and Connected Devices Projects

IoT and smart devices, almost by definition, generate large quantities of data. Those data are most valuable when developers can access them in “plug-and-play” format.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow third parties to build new applications that rely on continuously updating datasets without needing to make manual changes. APIs are essential to the networked, grassroots strategy of any cities willing to develop an IoT or smart city’s project.

Whether it’s real-time parking, bus positions or electricity consumption, APIs have been crucial for our clients to facilitate entrepreneurial third-party uses of their data.

Public Private Partnerships and Data Interoperability

Public Private Partnerships and Data Interoperability

Many cities and smart city stakeholders have taken these initiatives one step further by partnering with private companies that generate relevant public service data. The ability to merge public and private data represents a significant opportunity for generating value from data portals.

Leverage public private collaboration for a better data interoperability.

Discover how OpenDataSoft partnered with Waze to deliver a transportation oriented initiative.

Data as a Smart City Asset

Data as a Smart City Asset

“Cities and their solution providers cannot extract the full value of data for these uses if it is held in disparate systems and databases that limit access and use.
The effective management of data is not limited to data capture and storage but must also include data that is shared and combined so it can be accessed, analyzed, and used across departments, between organizations, and even with the community at large.” Ruthbea Yesner, VP Government Insights and Smart Cities at IDC.

5 Lessons Learned Driving Smart City Innovation

Discover the technical must-haves for your city, foster your Smart City innovation and engage your community in every step of the way with our comprehensive guide!


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Discover how sharing data with OpenDataSoft helps industry players turn their data into value.

1. Data Sharing and the Shipping Industry


Smart port initiatives help ports, terminals and their partners operate more efficiently and cut costs. The amount of data generated by smart sensors is a real business opportunity for organizations trying to develop new data-based services and revenue streams.

Discover how data sharing is helping the shipping industry capitalize on smart technologies to generate new services and revenues.

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2. Mobility and Interconnectivity


For many cities, smart parking is becoming an essential component of a multi-modal transit solution. As cities implement smart solutions to individual components of their transportation systems, it will be increasingly important to incorporate data sharing systems behind the scenes to integrate otherwise separate data sources and applications.

Discover how cities and private companies use data to meet the challenge of city parking.

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OpenDataSoft’s IoT and Smart City solution provides the tools you need to place your city and partners at the center of a connected ecosystem to unleash innovation.


Ruthbea Yesner, VP Government Insights and Smart Cities at IDC shared her thoughts on “Data as a Smart City Asset”.

Read her report here