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A solution to open data to the public for better transparency and community engagement.

One Go-To Platform for All Data

One Go-To Platform for All Data

OpenDataSoft provides a single go-to platform to store, manage, visualize, find, use and share any city’s data. Finance, GIS, safety, and energy departments, and transportation operators alike can all share their data on a common platform. Tech members of your ecosystem can now build new applications to increase improve performance of services.

All of your city’s data, documented and easily accessible. Discover how Bristol has become a reference for its open data and smart city initiative.

Data Stories to Improve Community Engagement

Data Stories to Improve Community Engagement

The data portal of the City of Salinas features data-driven stories in both English and Spanish, underscoring the city’s emphasis on opening data to as many citizens as possible. Six specific sections have been created on the homepage to guide citizens quickly and easily to the information they need. For instance, on the Traffic and Transportation page, the city shares bicycle-related issues and provides detailed information on bicycle programs and projects to enhance bicycle safety throughout Salinas.

Use data to tell your community’s story. Access the press release.

Key Performance Indicators Dashboards

Key Performance Indicators Dashboards

The OpenDataSoft platform offers KPI dashboards that demonstrate how effectively an organization is achieving key strategic objectives. Organizations use KPIs to evaluate success at reaching targets with their ecosystem.

The City of Paris built its KPI Dashboard with OpenDataSoft. The tool, which is integrated in the city's Information System, was presented during the Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange 2017. Watch the video!

Like the city of Paris, start sharing your performance based on specific goals and targets.

10 Essential Steps to Publish Your Data

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Discover how opening data with OpenDataSoft helps officials improve important issues in their cities.

1. Open Data and Transparency

Open data Issy-les-Moulineaux improves policy-making, accountability, local innovation and address city challenges.

Open data Issy-les-Moulineaux is a data-sharing platform that offers data management and data sharing features, and the ability to create new services and actively foster community engagement.

Discover Open Data Issy-les-Moulineaux.

2. Open Data and Mobility

Open Data For Better Mobility in Bogota.

The Movilidata Project, provides the city of Bogota, Colombia, with data-based suggestions to improve its transport system and solve the mobility challenges it faces.

Check out the White Paper.

OpenDataSoft’s open data solution provides the tools you need to place your city and partners at the center of a vibrant and transparent innovation ecosystem.

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