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A solution to share data inside an organization or with specific stakeholders to empower collaboration, performance and innovation

One Platform for Private Data

One Platform for Private Data

OpenDataSoft provides a single go-to-platform to store, manage, visualize, find, use and share your organization’s data with specific internal or external stakeholders.

Finance, marketing, supply chain, innovation and data departments alike can all share their data on a common hub.

Learn more about the GRDF customer story.

A Self-Service Data Catalog

A Self-Service Data Catalog

The OpenDataSoft solution can help your organization build a self-service data catalog and easily tailor data access to the internal or external stakeholders who need it.

Our solution automatically processes, cleans, and standardizes data from multiple sources within and outside the organization, allowing your IT and data delivery teams to focus on their core business.

Learn more about the Schneider Electric customer story.

Strong Data Governance and Access Control

Strong Data Governance and Access Control

The OpenDataSoft platform offers sophisticated data governance and access control tools.

Granular permissions, tracking, and user authentication tools ensure data security and compliance. Our solution enables teams to share data with the right people across your organizations using subdomains. Push or pull data from a parent domain, and ensure that different stakeholders get the data relevant to their needs.

Share your data with confidence. Discover how OpenDataSoft defines the concept of data governance.

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Discover how internal data sharing solutions with OpenDataSoft help organizations empower collaboration and performance.

1. IT and Data Delivery Teams Can Now Focus on their Core Business

The OpenDataSoft solution provides data scientists at Schneider Electric’s with a robust, high-quality internal data catalog accessible throughout the company.

OpenDataSoft offers Schneider a tool to reduce time-consuming data management tasks and enables IT team to focus on higher-value activities.

Leveraging the Analytics Data Library, Schneider Electric’s data scientists can focus on developing analytics instead of data preparation and management tasks, boosting their creativity and efficiency. Discover the press release.

2. A Service Offering Based on Bringing Value to Data

Birdz is a subsidiary of Veolia Water that specializes in environmental monitoring.

Birdz chose OpenDataSoft to develop customizable data dashboards that provide value to their clients.

Birdz uses the OpenDataSoft solution first as a data warehouse from which Birdz teams can select useful information to analyze for clients. Birdz analysts then combine these data with other internal and public data into informative dashboards that help decision-makers.

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