The State of European Energy Data Maturity

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At a time of disruption and change in the energy sector, data use and sharing at scale allows companies to meet their pressing challenges and drive decarbonisation.

To understand the current state of data democratisation across the European energy sector Opendatasoft carried out in-depth research, partnering with E.DSO and GEODE to survey players from across the European energy ecosystem.

The Study highlights the progress that companies are making around data sharing, and outlines their ambitious plans for the future, as well as including comprehensive best practice recommendations for driving improvements.

“Energy companies are now able to access more data than ever before. However, successfully harnessing data brings its own challenges. Our Study aims to begin a conversation around data maturity and provide energy players with insights on how to better leverage data democratisation moving forward.”

Jean-Marc Lazard
CEO & Co-Founder - Opendatasoft
Jean-Marc Lazard

About the report

The report is based on in-depth research with executives from across the European energy sector, both within and outside the EU. They included representatives from Distribution System Operators (DSO), energy producers, Transmission System Operators (TSO) and other players (including tech providers, public energy authorities, and other utilities).

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