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Do you want to help your teams quickly create and share data experiences with your ecosystems, whatever their technical skills? With Opendatasoft, you can effectively democratize your data to: 

  • Optimize your operations and improve performance¬†
  • Accelerate organizational growth and generate new revenues
  • Build closer, more transparent, trust-based relationships with your stakeholders.
  • Deliver innovation inside your organization and across your wider sector

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More than 500 organizations use Opendatasoft


Opendatasoft has allowed us to quickly develop a Data Services marketplace powered by our IoT data. It offers a wide variety of resources, such as APIs and digital services around data that allows our customers to reach difficult markets. The platform gave me the chance to understand the mechanics of generating value from our data, and this is now a significant revenue stream.

Herveig Lecuyer
Data Factory Program Lead, Schneider Electric
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Why Opendatasoft?

No need for data skills to create your first experience. Publish your data in a few simple steps, build your visualizations without code and share them in any format, on any channel and with any type of target audience, from data experts to consumers and citizens.

Security in the cloud
Our teams provide rigorous security processes to ensure your data is always protected. These include: encrypted platform connections, single sign-on by a reference identity provider, and the ability to host your data on a sovereign cloud.

Our SaaS platform supports you throughout your data sharing journey, from creating your first experiences to large-scale data sharing across multiple use cases.

Thanks to seamless connectivity to all your data sources, the platform integrates effortlessly into your tech stack.

API centric
Our platform is built on a reliable and robust API infrastructure that enables instant, scalable reuse of your data in apps, data products and content.

Deploy immediately
Create your data experiences in a day. Our browser-based platform requires no installation or setup.

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