Discover all the benefits of a data portal

Would you like to take the next step in democratizing your organization’s data and benefit from its full potential? Today, data leaders in all sectors are investing in data portal solutions that make their data assets accessible and consumable at a large scale without requiring users to have in-depth technical skills.

What are the benefits?

  • A single, secure, self-service data portal for all your data consumers¬†
  • Deliver value, performance and efficiency across all your operations
  • Unlock innovation and generate new services and revenue sources
  • Manage risk (compliance, regulation, transparency) and build with your stakeholders and audience)

More than 500 organizations use Opendatasoft

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The Opendatasoft solution gave me the chance to understand the mechanics of generating value from our data, and this now represents a major source of revenue.

Herveig Lecuyer
Data Factory Program Lead, Schneider Electric
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+12 years of data expertise

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Why Opendatasoft?

Designed for scale

  • Cloud hosting, sovereign solution
  • Large-scale deployment
  • Adapts to peaks in traffic

Focus on user experience

  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Traceability and tracking of reuse (lineage)
  • Fine-tuned management of access rights


  • Robust, audited application security
  • Secure data isolation
  • Customized security settings
  • Single Sign On


  • Management via API
  • 80+ connectors
  • Standardized APIs
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