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All organizations understand the vital importance of data to success. In a world full of data, easy and rapid access to the right datasets, in the right format, at the right time is crucial to decision-making, efficiency, collaboration, innovation and transparency. It decreases costs, builds new revenue streams, and mitigates risk.

This ebook provides a comprehensive introduction to data portals at both a strategic and tactical level. It aims to help you embrace data democratization and unlock the value of your data.

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Solving the “last mile” of data access and matching supply and demand therefore requires a new approach. Organizations need to create collaborative, secure spaces where data assets, from datasets to visualizations, can be easily found and reused by everyone.

Jean-Marc Lazard
CEO & Co-Founder - Opendatasoft
Jean-Marc Lazard

The different types of data portal

Learn more about the different types of data portal and their benefits in this Ebook : Internal data portal, Partner data portal, Open data portal and Hybrid portal

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