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The EDF Group embraces transparency aces transparency by sharing its environmental, industrial, financial and social data

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EDF is a major global energy producer, operating worldwide. It is the leading energy generator in France. It wanted to democratize access to certain group data and communicate transparently on its key performance indicators through its data portal.

As part of this EDF has launched its open data portal. This shares its data in formats that can be easily analyzed by its stakeholders and members of the public , enabling informed debate on the company’s actions and contributing to a better understanding of energy and environmental issues.

Learn more about EDF’s open data project in our Success Story.

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"The creation of our portal made us aware of all the opportunities we had from opening up our data. Our activities have therefore gradually expanded to respond to business issues and create high value-added uses."

Jean-Christophe Michel
Product Manager - Open Data at EDF
Jean-Christophe Michel Product Manager EDF

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