OpenDataSoft Seeks to Foster Interoperability Between Data Platforms

OpenDataSoft has new partners to foster interoperability between data platforms
  • OpenDataSoft joins the Current, powered by GE and Microsoft CityNext ecosystems in new partnerships 
  • Third North American office in San Francisco set to open in January 2017

Boston, MA, December 1st, 2016 – OpenDataSoft, the global leader in data publishing and sharing solutions for governments and private companies alike, is proud to announce new industrial partnerships to work towards greater interoperability between data platforms and the opening of a third North American office in San Francisco. The news comes as a third major announcement for the company in the past three months, following a $5.4 Million in Series A funding in October, and the opening of a North American headquarters in Boston in September.

OpenDataSoft will be joining forces with Microsoft CityNext, in addition to Current, powered by GE. Microsoft CityNext is a global initiative that empowers cities, businesses, and citizens to re-imagine their futures and cultivate vibrant communities in which people can thrive. It is a municipal government initiative seeking to help cities around the world in measuring service efficiencies.

The partnership with Current by GE will expose data from Current’s intelligent nodes for streetlights on the OpenDataSoft Open Data platform. Current, powered by GE, is a first-of-its kind energy company, where world-class hardware technology is combined with unprecedented software to provide a platform for smarter cities.

Jean-Marc Lazard, co-founder and CEO of OpenDataSoft said of the two new partnerships:

“We are very proud to be a part of these two new ecosystems. They each are representative of two of OpenDataSoft’s main industries: Open Government and the Smart City. We are always looking to work together with leaders such as Microsoft and Current, powered by GE, to play our part in building the city of tomorrow. Our platform and its APIs will play a key role in helping data coming from all sorts of proprietary platforms become available and easy-to-use for all.”

Making data interoperable between industrial platforms

In joining both of these networks, OpenDataSoft is asserting a new position in the market in which it plays a special role: a connector of different services to enable interoperability between industrial platforms.

This intermediary position fits within our overall mission, as it means that data coming from various platforms, including IoT and Business Intelligence platforms, can be easily processed, shared, and visualized via a simple API. Without OpenDataSoft, these APIs are often too complex to consume, and thus too difficult to reuse. This represents a step towards making all different types of urban data, including IoT and City KPIs interoperable and more easily connected in order to build the ‘data-driven city’ in all senses of the term.

OpenDataSoft was uniquely developed with an API-first approach. While we focus on simplicity for both data publishers and end-users, the platform can perform advanced ETL functions and can even tap into various data sources via API connectors. In addition, the platform generates its own APIs for each dataset that come with filtering and aggregating capabilities. It is this standard API that allows for data coming from legacy systems, IoT platforms, and complex BI systems to be hosted in one common hub and to interact together to be consumed by new applications and services.

Partnerships to serve dual purposes

OpenDataSoft is now in partnership with Microsoft CityNext and Current, powered by GE. Joining forces with CityNext represents a more government-centric end goal, while joining Current, powered by GE, fills a void in the Smart City and IoT platform space.

With CityNext, OpenDataSoft will enable data coming from Business Intelligence systems to be more easily published and shared via our RESTful APIs. This means that cities can begin building even more advanced and meaningful performance dashboards that can be exported and integrated into applications built by citizens. Departments can ensure they are meeting goals and citizens can now stay on top of their government in a more effective way than ever.

In working alongside Current by GE, OpenDataSoft will enable a new generation of data visualization and applications to be built. OpenDataSoft will serve as a connector to Predix, GE’s Industrial Internet platform. Current’s intelligent nodes, feeding into Predix, enable the transformation from an ubiquitous lighting network into a digital infrastructure allowing cities to operate more efficiently with highly localized real-time data, including traffic flow, parked vehicle detection, pedestrian movement, and environmental conditions. Combined with OpenDataSoft’s standard APIs, this digital infrastructure will equip cities to engage with their residents, visitors, and local developer communities like never before.

As of now, IoT platforms produce extremely complex proprietary APIs that do not necessarily interact with other data streams. When the OpenDataSoft platform ingests data coming from traffic sensors monitoring the availability of parking spaces on city streets, it produces an API that can easily be used on top of data analytics services to build even real-time street parking applications. Imagine: thanks to interoperable data working together at your fingertips, your daily life just became a whole lot easier.

We are very proud of our role in building a smarter, more interoperable city, and are excited to see what evolutions will come from working with our new partners.

New locations for greater support

As OpenDataSoft expands our partner network in new locations throughout the United States, it is only natural to open up new offices to support the development of our business activities. Starting in January 2017, we will be opening a new office in San Francisco to support our teams in Boston, Cary, and even Paris. We will join the offices of Superpublic, a civic tech incubator that brings together “public, private, nonprofit, and academics to solve urban problems.”

This new location will ensure an even greater global presence and also puts is in the center of the fast-moving tech ecosystem. We will be able to work with even more partners in advancing the future of data-driven cities and government, and continue to reach for the future together.

Data interoperability is key to drive Smart City innovation

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