OpenDataSoft helps organizations launch their Open Data portal in a quick and cost-effective way. Thanks to OpenDataSoft’s Open Data platform, our users collect data from multiple sources, break data silos, share interactive data visualizations, foster applicative development through APIs and collaborate with their key local organizations.

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OpenDataSoft Features - User-friendly data management platform

Who needs our help?

Public administration and organizations with ambitious open data projects.

Public Open Data have become a major asset for public administration and companies alike. According to McKinsey Global Institute, Open Data could unlock an estimated $1.1 trillion a year in economic value.

However, opening public data can be challenging. What data should you open first? What scope should you aim for? How can you make sure your data will be used and reused? Which technical solutions should you consider?

Find out about Durham’s Open Data initiative

In early 2013, the city and the county of Durham came together to pursue an ambitious Open Data initiative. A challenge in itself, the partnership between both city and county government also represented an extraordinary opportunity to bring resources and ideas together.

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Publish your Open Data

An interface designed for business users.

Organizations produce and collect exponential volumes of data. OpenDataSoft’s back-end interface has been designed for business users, not technical ones. In just a few clicks, you can collect and process structured data.

Say goodbye to cumbersome raw data catalogs and publish datasets with our state-of-the-art platform.

OpenDataSoft - Data Management Solution, API, Open Data, Smart City

OpenDataSoft Features - Monitoring your API calls


OpenDataSoft Features - Restful API for data management

Create Data Visualizations

Valorize and understand your data at once.

OpenDataSoft’s Open Data solution automatically transforms your datasets into beautiful interactive visualizations: charts & graphs, maps, picture galleries and even editorial webpages. Promote your data through various materials: seamlessly integrate interactive maps on your community website, enrich your blog posts with graphs & charts, develop innovative applications for citizens, etc.

OpenDataSoft provides an open source widget library for tech-savy users. These widgets are the go-to tool to build entire interactive dashboards. From now on, follow in real time public transportation and keep an eye on ground-level pollution in your city. This is the ideal performance dashboard solution for smart cities and smart utilities.


Fostering Open Innovation

Put your data to good use.

OpenDataSoft’s solution automatically generates state-of-the-art APIs. Open APIs make web & mobile application development easier for your community. Thanks to APIs, applications will sync up whenever you change your data.

With our Open Data technology, you can export your data in open formats: CSV, JSON, GeoJSON, etc.

Interact with your ecosystem and engage citizens through our built-in social features: sharing, feedback, data reuse, crowdsourcing & crowdfixing, etc. Key local organizations (regional government, associations, transportation companies, etc.) can easily contribute to your Open Data portal by publishing their own data as well.

Open Data Portal

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Happy Customers

OpenDataSoft powers the Open Data portals of major cities and organizations across Europe and the US. They trust us to ensure their data to be available 24/7 to their citizens.

Durham Open Data Portal


“The OpenDataSoft platform is easy to use, works with any device and integrates well with other open data technologies.”

Kerry Goode, CIO, City of Durham (N.C., USA)

Paris Open Data Portal
“Beyond Open Data, OpenDataSoft goes with our entire Open Innovation approach that boosts the creation of new urban services.”

Jean-Philippe Clément, Smart City Officer, City of Paris (France)


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