OpenDataSoft allows organizations to start their Smart City initiative with little investment. Thanks to OpenDataSoft Smart Cities Solution, you can collect your data from numerous sources, break your data silos, share your enriched data with your business partners through Restful APIs and valorize at last your data.  

OpenDataSoft smart city solution for smart cities

OpenDataSoft Solution Smart Cities Software

What are Smart Cities?

Time to become an efficient city.

Smart Cities rely on data at their disposal to enhance the quality and performance of their services. The circulation of data and their interoperability lie at the heart of cost optimization, rationalization of energy consumption and urban traffic management.

Better control of public spending, more engaged citizens in local development, improved performance of public transportation systems, lighter traffic and a reduced carbon footprint; these are the rewards for cities who transform their networks and digital resources into their own advantage.

But achieving these goals can pose significant challenges, from scattered sources to multiple data formats.


Where do data come from?

Hint: from everywhere.

The city mixes a multitude of data producers.

City councils, schools, museums, companies (firms specialized in transportation, construction, energy, etc.), media and nonprofit organizations, all these entities produce a vast amount of data.

Citizens themselves generate a considerable volume of information through their requests on the web and their use of mobile apps.

And that’s not all. Street furniture and objects (wireless sensors, pollution indicators, GPS trackers, etc.) also originate a large quantity of real-time data.

OpenDataSoft Smart City Solution and Software Handle Multiple Data Sources


Smart City Solution to handle multiple data formats

Multiple formats

Looking for the universal adapter.

Scattered in databases around the world, fragmented and dispersed in the cloud and/or often stocked in walled silos, data play hide and seek.

Their formats are also very diverse and involve the use of multiple standards: tabular data in Excel or CSV formats, geographic data encoded in GeoJSON or Shapefile-based formats, textual data described using JSON or XML (retrieved from an API for example), pictures, videos, etc.

Interoperability has become one of the main technical challenges to be addressed in opening one’s data and giving them meaning and relevance. Fortunately, OpenDataSoft is the perfect ally to help you do so.


A unified hub for all your data

Goodbye data silos.

The OpenDataSoft solution enables smart territories to aggregate and bring value to all their data in one unified hub.

Our cloud-based platform allows you to cross-reference your data in a matter of minutes: internal and external data, database, API and web services, Open Data, forms and crowdsourced data…

Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can also transform your data on the fly: encoding, correction, geotagging…



Join the first integrated data network

Fin data and seamlessly add it to your own.

To get a better understanding of your territory, you occasionally need to bring in extra intelligence. Thanks to the OpenDataSoft integrated data network, you can now enrich your own data with those of third parties.

Each OpenDataSoft customer becomes a node in a strong data network. From transportation operators to connected cities, data federation makes it super easy for you to access collective intelligence.

Cross-reference your data with Open Data and emphasize your real-time APIs from day one.

OpenDataSoft Smart Cities Software Data Network



Dispatch the right data to the right person

From your entire portal to a single record.

OpenDataSoft Smart Cities SaaS Solution Dispatch Data to the right person

Developing the future of cities comes with challenges. One of them is operating with multiple partners. With the OpenDataSoft solution, you can now deliver the proper data to the right person with a steady hand.

Share your buses’ real-time API with your tech team to streamline the development of your next mobility app. Open your financial data to your citizens and gain a well-earned reputation for transparency.

OpenDataSoft’s publishing interface allows you to attribute specific users with specific rights. You can allow access to the whole domain down to the record.

You are finally at the head of a portal allowing you to share both private and public data within seconds.



Make sense out of your data

No sense, no value.

Opening your data is a great thing to do. Making them intelligible for all your users is even better.

Not only does our platform enable users to download data, but it also offers a wide range of exciting possibilities for building interactive visualizations. Displayed in detailed tables, accurate graphs and nice-looking maps, your data will finally speak the same language as your users.

With the OpenDataSoft portal, you can provide travellers and commuters with information on real-time traffic conditions, transform your boring financial reports into beautiful communication tools and give your citizens the opportunity to explore all the handicapped-user-friendly facilities in your city.

Achieving transparency is no longer mission impossible!

OpenDataSoft Features - API first


Search your data with OpenDataSoft Smart City Solution

Available and searchable data

Make your data reusable.

Treat your startup ecosystem with highly-available data. The OpenDataSoft platform transforms your datasets into Rest APIs.

From now on, not only our API will deliver data but they also are searchable and refinable. Your end-users will thank you for enabling them to develop ever synced-up applications.
OpenDataSoft comes with a dashboard allowing you to check your APIs consumption. Watch your data travel and get a clear understanding of how your data are used around the world.



Don’t worry about the technical details

We’ve already taken care of that bit.

No need to be a data expert! Our user-friendly platform is intuitively designed, from A to Z, with business users in mind.

In a few clicks, publish any dataset, transform it into intelligible visualizations and generate APIs (without even coding!) that developers will use to build creative apps and enrich the range of services offered to your citizens.

Choose our OpenDataSoft platform and bet on open data to drive sustainable urban development. It’s all about simplicity!



OpenDataSoft Features - Monitoring your API calls

Easy to set up, easy to use

No hardware, no legacy, no hassle.

Our 100% cloud-based solution means neither heavy initial investment nor maintenance, nor costly training.

Check below for a pricing request.


Happy Customers

OpenDataSoft helps numerous cities and territories to enhance their data management across Europe, Oceania and the US: the city of Paris City, the city of Brussels and both the city and county of Durham. They trust us to ensure their data to be 24/7 available to their citizens.

Durham Open Data Portal


“The OpenDataSoft platform is easy to use, works with any device and integrates well with other open data technologies.”

Kerry Goode, CIO, City of Durham (N.C., USA)

Paris Open Data Portal
“Beyond Open Data, OpenDataSoft goes with our entire Open Innovation approach that boosts the creation of new urban services.”

Jean-Philippe Clément, Smart City Officer, City of Paris (France)



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