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Building effective smart cities using data and the cloud

Access to the replay of our Let’s Talk Data with AWS and discover the secrets of building an effective smart city program that prioritizes efficiency, innovation, sustainability to meet citizen needs 🚀

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Smart cities deliver transformative benefits to municipalities of all sizes, enabling them to be more efficient, innovative, sustainable, and citizen-centric. But where do you start when it comes to building your smart city program? How can you make sure it is flexible, scalable, cost-effective and meets stakeholder needs?

In this replay, find out from cities across North America how they have:

  • Understood their smart city opportunities through listening to stakeholders 
  • Embraced the cloud to deliver a flexible, secure and scalable backbone 
  • Put the right technology and cultural foundations in place  
  • Created effective programs that grow over time to meet changing needs
  • Overcome key obstacles around buy-in, engagement and security

Discover the use cases from North American cities below to build effective smart cities:

🏙 The Town of Morrisville, NC
🏙 The City of Salinas, CA
🏙 The City of Long Beach, CA
🏙 The Town of Cary, NC
🏙 The City of Jersey City, NJ

Whatever the size of your municipality, the webinar will provide practical examples and concrete use cases to accelerate your smart city success.

Our speakers

Adam Reiser

Sales Director North America at Opendatasoft

Linh Le

Principal Program Manager, Global Smart City Competency Program at AWS

Macarena Gonzalez

Customer Success Manager at Opendatasoft

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